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5 spooky jewellery ideas for Halloween

If you want to look the part this Halloween, consider setting off your costume with some spooky jewellery! Here are our top 5 spooky jewellery ideas for this All Hallows Eve:

1. Charm bracelet

A charm bracelet with ghoulish ghost charms or a creepy carved pumpkin charm is a perfect choice! Leading brands such as Pandora have a great range of sterling silver charms for Halloween.

2. Orange, red or black stones

Choose jewellery with orange, red or black stones. Jet, orange zirconia, amber or deep red garnet are perfect petrifying hues!

3. Bird earrings

Traditionally, you should choose Ravens (symbolising death) or Crows, but any bird earrings in can add a spooky touch to your Halloween outfit. Make sure they’re silver for the ultimate creepiness factor.

4. Gothic choker

A beaded, Victorian-style Gothic choker with black or dark coloured gemstones can look striking at Halloween, turning a simple dress into a gown fit for a creature of the night! Team with blood-red nails for a bewitching style statement.

5. Spooky necklaces

Combine this season’s hottest trend, chunky chain jewellery, with a spooky logo, for a look that’s sure to keep vampires and werewolves at bay this Halloween. Wear laser-cut acrylic logo necklaces singly or layer them for a terrifyingly tempting look!


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