Coloured jewellery to match your mood

We recently wrote about how gemstones can affect your mood, so we thought we’d follow up with a piece about how to match your jewellery to whatever mood you’d like to achieve!

To be bold

Ruby red jewellery or even hot pink is a great choice if you want to appear confident, dramatic and flirtatious – but be careful! Red can also enhance any emotion you’re already feeling, so it’s a colour to avoid if you’re in a negative or angry mood.

To stay calm

Lime green Peridot jewellery or deep emerald green enamel bangles are the perfect way to instil a feeling of calm into your hectic day at work. Green is energising, restorative and health-giving, and is ideal to wear for that big presentation you’ve got coming up!

To be creative

Creative types will receive an inspiration boost from purple jewellery, whether you choose Amethyst earrings, a Tanzanite pendant or purple glass beads. Purple is also the colour of royalty, so it’s a good colour to wear if you’re feeling like being spoilt.

To feel joyful

Choose sunshine yellow or zesty orange jewellery if you want to feel on top of the world. Canary yellow feather earrings or a bright orange enamelled pendant are a great choice to liven up any dull Monday morning and will help you to stay positive and cheerful.


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