Can gemstones affect your mood?

Many people choose to wear gemstone jewellery not only for the beauty of the stones but also because they believe it can influence their mood. Here are some of the most popular gemstones to wear if you’re looking to enhance or change your mood this Autumn.


Pretty lime-green peridot is a popular choice thanks to its beautiful sparkle, but did you know it’s associated with happiness and helps to protect against mood swings? Peridot is also known for its ability to soothe and calm the person wearing it.


If a friend gives you a piece of turquoise jewellery, it’s thought that it will protect you from negativity and bring you good luck. Turquoise is also said to alleviate pain and relax cramps, so it’s a great choice of stone for women to wear at a certain time of the month!


Ruby is said to be a powerful stone that will invigorate you and enhance whatever mood you’re feeling – so make sure you wear it when you’re feeling positive! Wearing a piece of ruby jewellery may help you to feel more courageous, outgoing and energetic, so it’s a great choice to wear for an important meeting or event!

Some people really notice a difference in their moods when wearing specific gemstones, and it’s all about tailoring the gemstone to suit the situation.


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