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Beautiful jewellery that delights the soulBeautiful jewellery that delights the soul and adorns the body. What, then, could be better than a visit to Holts. Holts jewellers in Hatton Garden holds one of the largest collections of precious and semi-precious gems. Located in the Hatton Garde and offers a professional service in bespoke Jewellery

The store allows you to experience the processes of rock to ring, pearl and bead re-stringing, stone testing and jewellery valuations. Robert Holt founded the business in 1948 originally trading as a diamond polisher. During the 1970s the business was significantly developed after moving into the field of stone cutting (lapidary). Holts now celebrates over 60 years of trading and lapidary is just one facet of this gemstone business.

Holts’ customers are drawn to the shop to purchase bright colour gems set with diamonds. Holts are one of the largest stockists of calibrated precious and semi-precious gemstones. Including diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires and also the more unusual gemstones. Availability and price can be confirmed by contacting their sales floor on 020 7405 5286 or by contacting the store.

Holts offers a wide variety of gemstones and jewellery and put together collections of stunning jewellery. The friendly staff at Holts are happy to answer any questions you may have. Providing you with a quote or arrange an appointment. You can just call in and visit them in their centrally located Hatton Garden shop.


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