Celebrity Men and Their Stylish Engagement Rings

For decades, engagement rings have been synonymous with brides-to-be. However, a growing number of male celebrities have started to challenge this traditional notion, proving that engagement rings can also be a meaningful token of commitment for men. This shift is not just a fleeting trend but a significant change in societal attitudes towards men’s jewellery and expressions of love.

In many cultures, men wearing engagement rings is not a new concept. For instance, in Sweden, Chile, and Brazil, men have long worn engagement rings as a symbol of their commitment to their partners. This practice is now gaining traction in the Western world, largely due to the influence of high-profile celebrities.

Jake Asaad from GOODSTONE notes, “In various countries, men wear engagement rings to symbolise the commitment they have to their partners.” This statement highlights how the trend has filtered down from A-listers to everyday men. The traditional barriers are breaking down, and more men are embracing the idea of wearing engagement rings.

Interestingly, Hatton Garden Jewellers, a renowned jewellery district in London, has seen a noticeable increase in the demand for men’s engagement rings. This trend is a clear indication that society’s perception of masculinity and commitment is evolving. It’s no longer unusual to see men proudly sporting an engagement ring as a declaration of their love and dedication.

Brooklyn Beckham: A Pioneer in Men’s Engagement Rings

When Brooklyn Beckham, the son of David and Victoria Beckham, proposed to his then-girlfriend Nicola Peltz in 2020, he chose to wear a gold band, which is believed to cost around £10,000. This decision was significant because it showcased a young, influential celebrity embracing a practice traditionally reserved for women.

Brooklyn’s choice to wear an engagement ring has had a ripple effect, inspiring many other men to consider doing the same. His bold statement demonstrated that wearing an engagement ring is not just a symbol of commitment but also a fashion statement. The younger generation, particularly those who follow celebrity trends, has started to view engagement rings for men as both stylish and meaningful.

The impact of Brooklyn Beckham’s decision is akin to a pebble creating ripples in a pond. His action has set off a wave of acceptance and interest in male rings. This shift is further supported by major jewellery brands recognising the potential market for men’s engagement rings and introducing designs that cater specifically to men’s tastes.

Ryan Reynolds and His Commitment Symbol

Ryan Reynolds, known for his roles in films like “Deadpool,” is another celebrity who has embraced the concept of men’s engagement rings. When he married Blake Lively in 2012, fans noticed that he wore two gold rings on his wedding band finger. This subtle yet significant choice highlighted his commitment and challenged traditional gender norms associated with engagement rings.

Reynolds’ decision to wear an engagement ring can be seen as a reflection of his progressive views on marriage and commitment. It sends a powerful message that the symbols of love and fidelity are not confined to one gender. By wearing an engagement ring, Reynolds not only expresses his personal commitment but also encourages other men to do the same.

The analogy here is that of a trailblazer clearing a path for others to follow. Just as a pioneer ventures into uncharted territory, Reynolds’ choice has paved the way for other men to confidently wear engagement rings. His influence extends beyond the screen, impacting societal norms and expectations regarding men’s jewellery.

Ed Sheeran’s Unique Engagement Ring Journey

Ed Sheeran, the renowned singer-songwriter, took a unique approach to his engagement. When he proposed to his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, he sparked rumours of a secret marriage by wearing an engagement ring on stage at the BRIT Awards. Sheeran later explained that Cherry made the ring herself out of silver clay, adding a deeply personal touch to this symbolic piece of jewellery.

Sheeran’s story is particularly compelling because it combines personal significance with a broader cultural statement. His choice to wear an engagement ring, especially one crafted by his fiancée, underscores the importance of mutual commitment and equality in relationships. It also highlights the evolving nature of engagement traditions.

The trend of men wearing engagement rings is akin to a tree growing strong roots. Each celebrity endorsement adds strength and legitimacy to the practice, making it more accepted and appreciated. Sheeran’s journey with his engagement ring adds another layer of authenticity and personal connection to this growing trend.

Moreover, the rise of unique engagement rings for men is a testament to the increasing demand for personalised and meaningful jewellery. Men are no longer confined to traditional styles and can choose rings that reflect their personality and relationship.

Fun Fact: Did you know that in Brazil, it is common for both partners to wear engagement rings, which later double as their wedding bands? This practice symbolises equality and mutual commitment, challenging traditional Western customs.

This growing acceptance and demand for men’s engagement rings is a clear indication that society’s perception of masculinity and commitment is changing. As more men proudly wear their engagement rings, they pave the way for future generations to celebrate love and commitment without the constraints of outdated traditions.

The Influence of Celebrity Culture on Men’s Jewellery Trends

The influence of celebrity culture on fashion and trends cannot be understated. Celebrities have a unique power to normalise and popularise practices that may have previously been considered unconventional. The trend of men wearing engagement rings is no exception. High-profile celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Michael Bublé, and Johnny Depp have all contributed to this growing movement.

Celebrities are often seen as trendsetters, and their choices in fashion and accessories can have a significant impact on the public. When a well-known figure such as Ryan Reynolds chooses to wear an engagement ring, it sends a strong message that this practice is not only acceptable but also stylish. This, in turn, encourages more men to adopt the trend, further normalising it in society.

Moreover, the fashion industry and jewellery designers have taken note of this shift. Brands like Tiffany & Co. and Brilliant Earth have introduced collections specifically designed for men. These collections often feature thicker bands and more discreetly placed diamonds, catering to men’s tastes while maintaining the elegance and significance of an engagement ring.

The analogy of a ripple effect is apt here. Just as a single stone can create ripples across a pond, the choices of a few influential celebrities can spread across society, altering perceptions and norms. This ripple effect is evident in the increasing acceptance and demand for men’s engagement rings.

The Changing Dynamics of Engagement Rings in Different Cultures

The tradition of wearing engagement rings varies widely across different cultures. In some countries, it has always been common for both partners to wear engagement rings. For example, in Sweden, Chile, and Brazil, men wearing engagement rings is a long-standing tradition. These rings often double as wedding bands, symbolising mutual commitment and equality.

In contrast, the practice is relatively new in many Western cultures, where traditionally only women received engagement rings. However, this is rapidly changing. The growing acceptance of male rings in the West is a reflection of broader societal shifts towards gender equality and mutual commitment in relationships.

Diamond expert Jake Asaad from GOODSTONE highlights that in countries where men wear engagement rings, the jewellery often symbolises a deep commitment to their partners. This cultural perspective is gradually being adopted in the West, driven by the influence of celebrities and changing social attitudes.

The dynamics of engagement rings are akin to a tapestry of traditions, each thread representing a different cultural practice. As these threads intertwine, they create a richer, more inclusive understanding of commitment and love. The increasing popularity of men’s engagement rings in Western cultures is a testament to this evolving tapestry.

Market Insights: The Rise of Men’s Engagement Rings

The market for men’s engagement rings has seen significant growth in recent years. This trend is driven by both cultural shifts and increased consumer demand. Tobias Kormind, managing director of London-based online diamond retailer 77 Diamonds, notes that the demand for men’s engagement rings was virtually non-existent until about seven years ago. Today, they account for as many as one in 30 custom orders for gem-set rings with diamonds or precious stones.

Jewellery retailers have been quick to respond to this growing demand. Companies like Eternate and Grown Brilliance have introduced lines specifically for men, featuring designs that cater to men’s preferences. These designs often include thicker bands and more discreetly placed diamonds, offering a masculine touch while maintaining the elegance of an engagement ring.

Interestingly, some of the earliest adopters of men’s engagement rings were gay couples. Joshua Sherman, director of marketing at Grown Brilliance, explains that gay couples have been defining their own engagements and weddings, seeking ways to express their commitment to each other. This practice has since spread to heterosexual couples, further normalising the trend.

The analogy of a growing tree is fitting here. Just as a tree grows stronger with each passing year, the market for men’s engagement rings is becoming more robust. The roots of this trend are deeply embedded in changing cultural norms and increased acceptance of diverse expressions of love and commitment.

Experts believe that the market for men’s engagement rings will continue to grow. This growth presents a lucrative opportunity for jewellers and entrepreneurs, as they cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. The rise of men’s engagement rings is not just a trend but a reflection of the changing dynamics within relationships and society as a whole.


The trend of men wearing engagement rings, championed by celebrities like Brooklyn Beckham, Ryan Reynolds, and Ed Sheeran, is reshaping societal norms and expanding the market for men’s jewellery. These influential figures are not just making fashion statements; they are promoting a more inclusive and egalitarian approach to expressing love and commitment. The increasing acceptance and demand for men’s engagement rings reflect the evolving dynamics of modern relationships, where mutual commitment and equality are highly valued. As more men embrace this practice, they pave the way for future generations to celebrate love and commitment without the constraints of outdated traditions.


  1. Why do some men wear engagement rings? To symbolise mutual commitment in their relationships.
  2. Which cultures have men wearing engagement rings? Sweden, Chile, and Brazil traditionally do.
  3. What influenced the rise of men’s engagement rings? Celebrity trends and evolving social norms.
  4. Do jewellery brands offer men’s engagement rings? Yes, many major brands now offer men-centric designs.
  5. Who were early adopters of men’s engagement rings? Gay couples were among the first.