Dancing Diamonds – The latest craze

The purpose of diamond jewellery is to create a stunning, noticeable sparkle that helps you to stand out in a crowd, so it’s no surprise that Japanese jewellery designer Hidetaka Dobashi’s latest innovation, known as the Twinkle Setting, is proving such a hit across the globe.


Launched in Hong Kong last week, the setting suspends the stone with two fine points which hold it away from the wearer’s body. This means the stone is continually moving and the swinging motion creates constant sparkle.


Something different

The concept is totally different from any other diamond jewellery currently available on the market, and Dobashi has been working on the idea since September 2010. His patented design, which makes the stone appear to “dance”, was a huge hit at the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair recently.

Manufactured in China and Vietnam, Dobashi’s jewellery company Crossfor has applied for international patents in the US and Europe, which means this innovative, stylish jewellery could soon be available to buy in the UK.

Innovative company

This is not the first time Dobashi’s company has come up with new ideas – in 1999 he invented the “Crossfor Cut”, a brilliant-cut diamond with 46 facets that he claims “achieves a unique cross-shaped sparkle.”

For now, it seems those in the UK will have to be happy with videos of the “dancing stone” jewellery until it is available to buy in Europe.


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