Bespoke engagement ring design

Recommended by a friend who had previously used us to create their bespoke jewellery solution. Dragana came to visit Max Diamonds with her own amazing 2ct Asscher cut diamond, Needing help to design and make her perfect bespoke engagement ring. She wanted to create her own unique ring using her existing Asscher cut diamond for the centre stone. Also to incorporating some shoulder stones that would continue and complement the Art Deco look that an Asscher diamond carries.

Bespoke CAD designer

Max Diamonds assisted Dragana to source diamonds of various different shapes. From bullet diamonds to coffin cut diamonds, this was to help in choosing the perfect look for her ring. We arranged the diamond arrays on plasticine to show how the shapes worked with each other. This enabled her to choose the right selection of stones. We narrowed these choices down to a couple of styles that the client liked. Then we used our bespoke CAD designer to create a series of CAD drawings. This was to demonstrate how the ring would start to take shape. These were then shared with the client for appraisal.

Bespoke engagement ring

This assisted Dragana with making a decision between the various styles of diamond shoulder arrays. After this Max Diamonds helped her to decide on fine details. Such as whether to use one conjoined rub over to keep the shoulder stones as one. Or separate the seats for each shoulder stone. The claw shapes best compliment her fantastic 2-carat Asscher centre stone, what metal to use, and so on. These details were then applied to the 3D CAD model to create a final design. Once the details had been decided, a resin model was printed of the 3D CAD design. We then placed the stones into the model for Dragana to try on her finger. To ensure she was happy with the progress before a mount was cast in the platinum she selected.

Beautiful engagement ring

The project to create her bespoke engagement ring was very carefully considered by both client and Max Diamonds. Alike with bespoke decisions and design stages followed through to the final piece, the outcome of this bespoke project was amazing. A truly one-off beautiful engagement ring that Max Diamonds were privileged to be a part of making for Dragana. We hope this ring will be loved and cherished by Dragana and may become a future heirloom for her family.

Bespoke jewellery design

Once Draganas bespoke engagement ring was complete and delivered from the polishers, we then took it into our independent jewellery valuer. We were delighted to discover that in writing this valuation on behalf of our client. It by far exceeded the expectations of Dragana and her husband-to-be. We were delighted to be a part of Dragana and her future husband story with our bespoke jewellery service at. MaxDiamonds.

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