Flagship Hatton Garden Jewels

Hatton Jewels new jewellery shop
Hatton Jewels new flagship shop

Today we are delighted to announce the completion of our beautiful new boutique showroom at Hatton Jewels HQ, our flagship Hatton Garden jewellers.

We wanted to create a space where visitors would feel comfortable and inspired. A place to peruse beautiful jewellery in an elegant and minimal setting, and so far the feedback has been incredible.

Taking inspiration from our surroundings in Clerkenwell the jewellery design centre of London, we have wanted to respectfully modernise our showroom so that it truly reflected the quality of our products and the expertise of our staff.


The walls are adorned with our certificates from the GIA (The Gemological Institute of America), set against whitewash painted exposed brick, whilst new chairs and sofas provide a sleek, comfortable and private place to sift through our stunning diamonds and jewellery pieces with your partner.

Hatton Jewels beautiful jewellery shop
Hatton Jewels beautiful jewellery shop
different eternity ring styles
Offering 90 different eternity ring styles

For example, our eternity ring range offers over 90 different ring styles available in gold and platinum, and with a variety of diamond cuts and styles including coloured precious gemstones, we offer one of the largest stocks of eternity rings in the UK.

Each piece of jewellery is individually handcrafted and made specifically for our customer’s ring size, we do not mass-produce any of our products. One of our specialist team members can also help you design an eternity ring of your choice.

Our new computer technology also makes it easier for you to see any

for those creating bespoke engagement rings with our unique design your own engagement ring service. Designing your own engagement ring is such a personal, and rewarding choice for those looking for something a bit different and unique to their partner’s style and preference.

largest stocks of eternity rings
largest stocks of eternity rings
custom jewellery designs
Hatton Jewels custom jewellery designs

It also a perfect space for those looking for consultation around jewellery valuation. A valuation from a reputable jeweller is crucial for insurance purposes – giving you peace of mind if you are worried about your prized possessions getting lost, damaged or stolen.

Our valuations are both thorough and accurate – meaning they can be relied upon to save you both money and heartache if you do encounter any problems. Our highly trained staff will provide you with a detailed assessment, a description including quality and details of stones and metal, a digital image of each item and an official valuation certificate.

If you’re interested in visiting our showroom in the heart of Hatton Garden, simply book an appointment online or give us a call on 0203 116 0069 and speak to one of our friendly, expert members of staff who can help guide you through any type of jewellery purchase.

We’ve helped 1000’s of customers of the year’s design custom engagement rings, choose the perfect present for an anniversary, sell unwanted jewellery and choose jewellery for many special occasions.

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