Famous Film Jewellery

One of the most exciting parts of seeing a new film is taking in the spectacle and splendour of the costume design – particularly when it comes to jewellery. Here are a few of our favourite pieces from movies past and present.

Pretty Woman: The diamond and ruby necklace

The diamond and ruby necklace that Richard Gere gives to Julia Roberts when she’s all glammed up in that red dress is one that we’ll all remember forever. With a stunning array of red and white gemstones and a classic, regal style, it set off her outfit to perfection and represented a turning point for both the character and her styling.

Titanic: The Heart of the Ocean necklace

The Heart of the Ocean necklace was an integral part of the plot of the film Titanic, and it frequently tops the list of the most beautiful pieces of film jewellery ever made. It was created by London based jewellers Asprey and Garrad, who used a blue cubic zirconium stone set in luxurious white gold. This gorgeous necklace sparkles around Kate Winslet’s neck throughout many of the film’s key scenes.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s: The Pearl Necklace

Audrey Hepburn’s multi-stranded pearl necklace must be one of the most iconic pieces of movie jewellery ever – it set the standard for pearls as a go-to vintage item, and defined Hepburn as a style icon; a reputation which still holds to this day.

Moulin Rouge: Diamond Necklace

Nicole Kidman’s signature diamond necklace, made of 1,308 diamonds, was designed by Australian jeweller Stefano Cantur. As Satine’s suitor puts this elaborate diamond necklace around her neck, she remembers Marilyn Monroe’s musical scene but soon realizes that this necklace keeps her in life without passion.


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