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Engagement Ring Superstitions

Engagement rings are a traditional piece of jewellery that has been around for hundreds of years, so, unsurprisingly, there are all sorts of spooky stories about them. Whether you believe in luck, fate and everything in between, or think it’s a load of nonsense, these engagement ring superstitions still make an exciting read!

Don’t let another woman try on your engagement ring.

You should never let another woman try on your engagement ring – if you do, legend has it that she will try to steal your fiancé! Whilst this may be something of an old wives’ tale, many brides preferred to keep their ring to themselves because they see something special in being the only one who’s ever worn it.

The engagement ring should never be fully removed from your hand.

It is supposedly bad luck for a lady to eradicate her engagement ring, even to receive her wedding band during the ceremony. Instead, she should hold her ring fingers tip to tip and slide the engagement ring from left to right, and then repeat the process to replace the ring when the service is over.

Superstitions and Myths

As a general rule, it’s thought that engagement rings bring good fortune to a marriage. When an engagement ring is handed down from generation to generation or acquired from a vintage jeweller, it is said to carry the happiness or misery of a previous marriage with it.

Make sure you wear it on the correct finger!

Ever since Egyptian times, engagement rings have been worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because they believed it contained a vein that was directly connected to the heart. A sweet rather than scaremongering superstition, so it can’t hurt to follow it, but ultimately the choice is yours!


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