Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring after Lockdown

Lockdown has tarnished the dreams of thousands of couples to get married. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Lockdown coming to an end means that now is the perfect time to plan the best day of your life. And that all starts with finding the perfect wedding ring to share with your partner.

London’s Hatton Garden is the centre of the jewellery industry in Britain and has been since the nineteenth century. It was made famous for its part in the diamond trade, and now offers an array of gemstones as well. More importantly for your wedding ring search is the fact that some of the highest quality gold in the world can be found there.

Hatton Garden boasts the largest cluster of independent jewellers in the UK. Exploring Hatton Garden, you will find around 34 jewellers offering bespoke wedding rings. As they begin to open with the relaxation of lockdown there will be a boom in people searching for rings. If you want to find the perfect wedding ring, you will need to move fast.

What are Hatton Garden’s Best Wedding Ring Specialists?

A wedding ring is not just an object that needs to look good for a day, it needs to look good for life. The ‘Clean for Life’ service offered by A & S Jewelers ensures your ring will maintain its beauty throughout your life. The ‘Clean for Life’ guarantee means that A & S will polish and clean any jewellery you buy from them once every year for free. Along with offering custom and designer wedding rings, A & S pride themselves on security and will keep your ring in its high-security vault until your wedding day. Once you have chosen your perfect ring, it is not going anywhere.

If you want to combine the traditional with the modern, Zuzana Bespoke Jewellery offers this. They can be found in Hatton Garden’s iconic ‘Record Hall’. Rings from this provider are uniquely made to fit the character of the buyer. Zuzana Bespoke Jewellery offers every colour of wedding ring you can think of and will advise on what fits best with your engagement ring. Furthermore, you can experience the personal touch and excellent customer service of the master jeweller, Zuzana herself.

Hatton Garden possesses many more brilliant jewellers, and you are certain to find an excellent wedding ring whether you go. These two recommendations are an ideal starting point, but it is wise to visit as many jewellers as possible to find that perfect ring.

A Life-Changing Decision

Choosing your wedding ring is one of the most important decisions you will make in life. It is almost as important as choosing your partner! If you have spent the last year waiting for the chance to marry your fiancé it will be easy to fall into the wave of people rushing to get married. Some decisions need a little extra time, and this is one of them. Hatton Garden is the perfect place to find a wedding ring that matches your love.

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