The Sapphire Shop Hatton Garden

Designing and making jewellery

Based in Hatton Garden in London, the Sapphire Shop specialises in crafting the finest handmade contemporary jewellery. Setup and run by Simon Lewis who has over 30 years’ experience designing and making jewellery we pride ourselves on using traditional methods to design and create jewellery. Simon is joined by business partners Vincent Seymour and Elliott Denney who are both highly skilled fine jewellers who were originally trained and apprenticed by Simon when they entered the trade.


Blue, Pink, Green & Yellow Sapphire Rings from the Sapphire Shop, Hatton Garden

Design sophisticated jewellery

Stylish, sophisticated and undeniably unique, sapphire rings have been made popular by royalty and celebrities. From deep intense blues to soft pinks, vibrant greens and fiery yellows, our sapphires come in a full range of hues and colours. All our sapphires are handpicked by our expert jewellers and selected for the intensity of their colour as well as transparency. Like diamonds, sapphires are available in a range of cuts and shapes with oval, cushion and round some of the most common.

Meticulously crafted jewellery

At the Sapphire Shop, all our sapphire rings are handmade and meticulously crafted by our in-house jewellers who have a wealth of experience. From engagement rings to eternity rings, birthstone rings and cocktail rings we can create unique rings that are strikingly different and enhanced by the natural beauty of sapphires. Whether you choose a sapphire as the centrepiece of an engagement ring, or as part of the design of an eternity ring our design team can turn your vision into a reality.

Bespoke sapphire jewellery

At the Sapphire Shop, we are dedicated to creating truly beautiful sapphire jewellery and making your experience a pleasurable one. All our jewellery is handmade by our expert craftsmen in our Hatton Garden workshop in London using traditional methods. From creating one-off bespoke engagement rings to putting your own spin on classics such as the Heart of the Ocean necklace from the Titanic, at the Sapphire Shop we can help.

Creating sapphire jewellery

The first stage to creating any sapphire jewellery is with a free initial consultation in our Hatton Garden design studio. Here our expert jewellers will take you through the design process helping you select precious stones that match your vision. From traditional blues to rare oranges, yellows, pinks and greens, sapphires come in a range of colours and hues and are one of the most popular precious stones.


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