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Historical Engagement Rings

History of the engagement ring

Bestowing a historical engagement ring is far older than you might think. Traditions of giving a ring associated with love and romance go back thousands of years to the ancient world. From Ancient Greek rings featuring symbolic love knots to the earliest betrothal rings from Ancient Rome showcasing intaglios depicting the god of love, Cupid.

Glittering Georgian diamonds

Then we see Medieval ‘fede’ rings; the precursors to the modern concept of wedding ring known as ‘posy’ rings and early diamond set Tudor rings so rare they would be fit for a Queen. Following these are glittering Georgian diamonds contrasted by their silver settings; richly ornamented Victorian engagement rings; elegant and refined pretty Edwardian styles through to bold geometric Art Deco designs and stylish retro rings of the 1940s and 50s.

Extremely rare rings

If you are interested in the history of engagement ring giving, Berganza can help you choose something a little more unusual so that you can present your loved one with a truly unique and extremely rare ring bursting with history- visit us in our shop or via the Berganza antique jewellery website for more information and view our entire one-of-a-kind stock.


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