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Guide to Sell used Jewellery for cash.

The fortress that is the battlefield of sellers trying to show you what they can offer is deeply embedded in the shrill and blinding experience one can feel when walking down this district. So, I suggest pacing oneself for the metallic marathon you’ll embark on as it would be paramount.

A checklist would also be wise to have as well due to my experience, one can get somewhat overwhelmed with the various amounts of figures given to you by multiple stores and business cards that are willing to give you cash for your beloved jewellery item(s).

Through extensive research, I’ve come across my top list of shops to visit when you’re in the intention to sell your jewellery.

1) Farringdon’s Jewellery

32B Greville St, Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8TB

A family run business running for over 40 years specialising in antique, vintage & pre-owned designer jewellery.

This store has the benefit of being able to buy gold and diamonds and provide cash on the day, should you be looking for a quick process.

A welcoming experience throughout so it’s definitely a great choice for the ones who appreciate vintage jewels and may even be looking to sell vintage pieces.

2) Paris Jewels.

located on 88-90 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8PN

Hosting a range of brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Panerai, I.W.C, Omega, Chopard, Brietling to name a few. They are pioneers in knowing what they can offer you for items you may want to buy and sell.

Running for over 20 years their breathtaking grand marble entrance captivated me to know what beautiful treasures they could offer, and additionally in terms of what capabilities they offer in buying items. Definitely check them out as well.

3) Smith and Green.

located on 9 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8AH

A brilliant partnership was created in 2011 by two talented entrepreneurs showcasing their penchant for their appreciation of bespoke jewellery.

If you’re looking for a bespoke experience to create a piece from start to finish in terms of engagement rings, wedding bands, and keepsakes this can be the company for you.

They also happen to purchase jewellery from customers, so definitely look into what they can offer.

4) Leiser & Co.

Located on the 1st Floor, 5 Hatton Garden

Leiser & Co specialises in purchasing diamonds and offers some of the best prices in the area. Spanning three generations, their reputation for unparalleled service and immediate payment stands unmatched. GIA-certified experts at Leiser & Co ensure a transparent and comfortable process for clients looking to sell engagement rings or diamond jewellery. With a focus on competitive pricing and an immediate payment policy, they offer a trusted and profitable experience for all their clients.

5) The Luxury Hut Pawnbrokers London.

Located on Suite – 10, 88-90 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8PN

Having been in business since 2010 and having 40 years of combined experience in the field, the luxury hut is one of the most trusted and well-recognised names in the pawnbroking trade in London.

The online experience is unmatched and as they are an accredited company, you can have all of your needs met by electronic communication wherever you are in the world.

6) London Gold Centre.

Located on 5 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8AA

This centre are buyers of multiple different stones and metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, diamonds, gemstones and watches.

This company have the opportunity to check jewellery regardless of their quality, an incredible judgment-free zone, that can help you sell pieces that you intend to sell for cash with a quick same-day payment.

7) Beverley Hills Jewellers London.

Location on 108 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8LY

Established in 1987, continues to grow up in the ranks of strength while providing glamour and exceptional service to its long-standing clientele.

They are renowned for only buying diamonds so should you only intend to sell your precious stones this would be a fabulous option.

Through my extensive research and one too many excursions I’ve learned quite a bit of the historical importance of this district and what everyone can and will notice when coming to this iconic concrete collective of culture, which is that tradition still is paramount, your word is your bond.

The reflective epicentre of jewellery buying and selling for decades has seen so many people come and go, a melting pot of history and romance, should you ever be worried about quality, your fears will be put to rest, and should you ever need to go to a location to create a piece for memory in one’s life to be made this is the place for you.

A fun fact to also mention is that the company DeBeers who not only shaped the market since 1888 and are steeped in heritage for generations but were additionally the pioneers for creating the famous phrase “A diamond is forever”, which many can relate to while owning or planning to purchase a precious stone.

A few tips to also inform you about is to remember to look at bespoke companies, not only street stores for buying as this location is renowned for creating bespoke items from scratch.

There are various additional factors that are important to look out for when even purchasing jewellery specifically diamonds.

Always make sure that the seller you are making your purchases with are affiliated with the London Diamond Bourse, which you could quantify them as a committee that ensures that you are purchasing authentic diamonds and that the seller is reputable and the diamonds are ethically sourced.

Many people do know of the 4Cs: Carat, Colour, Cut, Clarity. This guide towards your precious stone(s) was created by the GIA. It explains what to look out for when you’re planning to purchase a diamond or should you of inherited a piece of jewellery and know nothing about the chart system.

Colour: How Colourless the diamond is

Clarity: The cleanliness of the stone in terms of inclusions and blemishes

Cut: Represents the shape, the quality of the angles

Carat: Indicates the weight of the precious stone

Online option

Why Hatton Harden Jewellers?

Nestled in the heart of London 10 minutes away from the flowing river Thames lies a marble and grey stone labyrinth maze of glimmering shops offering one’s heart’s desire. That you may ask, is what as one could do gleaming with anticipation and one’s response is simply put, jewellery.

Jewellery to some can mean various things: status, wealth, opportunity, a rite of passage, even tokens of love and affection towards one’s counterpart.

Precious metals and stones in history have been used in many instances to support the exchange of a currency for good and for bad. From the goldmines in Africa to aristocratic families in the 18th century, or to the nouveau rich of today looking to build a collection that potentially could be passed to their next generation.

In many instances, though there does come a time in one’s life where you have to part with that beloved piece, to replace another, to pass to a person younger than yourself or in the instance of this topic that may be important to our readers, to give one more readily financial liquidity.

Being a Londoner I’ve had the pleasure to come across many people from different walks of life and have always revelled in the way people have adorned themselves in jewellery.

People can evolve and change with the times but the constant in many westerner’s repertoires of their outfits is jewellery.

Many celebrated Lumineers and the 1% of the world’s elite have the opportunity to be able to wear, purchase or inherit many of the world’s finest jewellery and when the day comes for them or anyone regardless of social or economic status to part with that beloved item(s), the gold or should I say the diamond standard location in London is the beloved: Hatton garden.

Lastly In the instance that travelling to Hatton garden may not be an option for you Hatton garden has brilliantly evolved into the online selling market. Using the website Hattongardenmetals.com will give you the freedom if online is more your vibe.

You should have no issues as it’ll give you instructions on how to send your jewellery to be evaluated and will give you a concise experience for you to sell your jewellery.

In conclusion, I would have to say that Hatton garden has not only taught me a lot however has taught me some valuable lessons that will stay with me and I cannot wait to hear the positive stories from so many of you all.

With love x

Rajah Lang


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