How Jewellery Elevates Dress Codes in Gaming Venues Worldwide

Back in the old days gambling establishments were only available to the top echelon of society. It’s this exclusivity that gave it appeal, and many business owners didn’t want to give up on that idea entirely. Although the gambling business of today welcomes guests from all walks of life, many of the higher-end establishments have their own casino dress codes.

In other words, guests need to put in effort and look presentable in order to maintain the upbeat lush party atmosphere. Because this is one of the requirements, many gamblers who only want to play often opt for online casinos. After all, reputable operators are easy to find especially if someone uses in-depth insights by Wagering Advisors to find no deposit free spins or similar deals. In a way, this is significantly cheaper and it’s a better option if your goal is to play. But if you wish to socialise and mingle while enjoying iconic casino games, then stick around. We’ll talk about some accessories that will be a welcome sight in this setting.  

Purpose of Jewellery in High-end Casinos

Necklaces, talismans, bracelets, wristwatches, earrings, and other fashion accessories in casinos all serve the same purpose. They are there to be symbols of status or wealth. This is especially true for 5-star resorts that mostly accommodate rich guests. However, they can also serve as lucky charms, especially considering that jewellery is designed or modelled after trinkets from various cultures.

Wearing lucky charms is something people do even when they play online. It may be superstition, but there is no good reason to question it – if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it. Of course, players don’t only rely on luck, but on good deals and freebies, in order to mitigate losses. Operators like PlayUK have a generous free spins offer in addition to a big match on the first deposit. Players can get more details on the PlayUK free spins bonus on the site that reviews online casino operators Wagering Advisors.

Jewellery Trends

Many casino enthusiasts love to wear casino-themed accessories and this jewellery fashion is actually popular among men. There are rings that have card-suit embellishments, and there are wristwatches with a roulette wheel. The watch looks incredible and certain celebrities own them. To be specific Conor McGregor has proudly displayed it on his social networks, and tagged rapper Drake because he is also a proud owner of this watch.

When it comes to women’s fashion and casino outfits, it depends on the culture. Different cultures use different precious stones when ornating accessories. So, let’s go over a few examples.


A precious stone that is commonly found in Chinese jewellery is Jade. The stone is a symbol of their tradition as it’s been around for more than 7 millennia. So, if you are in Macau and visit one of their casinos you might find glamorous guests wearing jade pendants and bracelets that consist of jade beads. Many believe that the stone brings good fortune so you might find jade accessories even on men who are playing.

Another motif that is common in accessories is Yin and Yang. There is a whole philosophy attached to this symbol, but at a casino, it boils down to positive and negative karma. Since they must be in balance, it is believed that if you have a series of bad days, maybe you’ll get lucky in the near future.


Accessories in India have vibrant colours and you’ll see an array of precious stones on their gold and silver adornments. Indian fashion also includes peculiar anklets.


There is a strong tradition of silversmithing in Indonesia, and according to many their artisans are the best in the world. Wealthy people often procure brooches and necklaces from Indonesia because of their high-quality craftsmanship. They are so popular you might see them in big establishments on the Vegas Strip, not just in casinos in Indonesia.


Casinos love to create an atmosphere where opulence is visible, and guests with expensive jewellery help them facilitate this atmosphere. This type of environment lifts the spirits of the guests and losses don’t feel as bad. This aspect is important given the fact that the house wins more often, and that big wins are few and far between.