November’s birthstone: Beautiful blue topaz

If your birthday is in November, then topaz is your birthstone. Lucky you, as this gorgeous blue gem is found in a range of jewellery including stunning necklaces, pendants and rings. But what do you actually know about the history and qualities of this beautiful gemstone?

Mood enhancing

Topaz is said to provide the wearer with emotional balance and happiness, dispelling fear and anger. Whilst it comes in a variety of hues including blue, white and yellow, blue is most commonly used in jewellery design.

Ancient roots

Topaz has been mined for more than 2,000 years, and some people say it is named after the ancient Greek island of Topazios (AKA Zabargad Island) Others believe it takes its name from the Sanskrit word ‘tapas’, which means ‘fire.’

Topaz jewellery

Whatever effect topaz has on your mood, there’s no denying that there are plenty of gorgeous styles around when it comes to blue topaz jewellery. A simple pair of white gold blue topaz studs are the perfect way to wear your birthstone on a daily basis; why not pair this with a stylish yet simple topaz pendant on a silver chain? Blue topaz is often found with diamonds, and you’ll find pendant and earring sets with diamonds and topaz make the perfect gift for anyone born in November. For a bold way to wear your birthstone, a chunky topaz ring is the ultimate style statement!