How to Enjoy Your Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

Weddings have always been expensive affairs. Today, the average British couple forks out almost 50% of their annual salary when tying the knot. That figure rises further when you account for the fact that many of them end up repaying loans for several years after the big day. 

To put an actual pounds and pence figure on it, that equates to more than £30,500 for each couple’s special day. 

Of course, that’s an eye-watering sum and one that few can truly afford. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that you can still have the big day that you dream of without having the break the bank. 

The Dress

The tradition of having a white dress is commonly believed to be a symbol of “purity”, but that could not be further from the truth. It actually stems from centuries ago when most people could only afford to have a few items of clothing. In this era, white was a very impractical colour because it would show stains easily, requiring additional washing. 

Therefore, buying a white dress just for your wedding day was a way to flex your wealth since you clearly had the cash to splash on a garment you were only going to wear once. 

Today, the tradition of spending a lot on a frock is still going strong with many brides spending thousands on theirs. This needn’t be the case though as there are plenty of ways to find a dress you’ll love without having to blow all your budget. 

Renting is now becoming a very popular choice as it costs as much as 85% less to borrow a frock for a day than to buy it, wear it once, and keep it in your wardrobe for the rest of your life. 

Other options include getting a short or lightweight dress, buying from a high street retailer, or timing your purchase for when older items are being cleared out to make way for a new season. 

The Venue

Booking a venue on a less popular day can often save you a pretty penny. Many people don’t want to get married on the 13th because they are superstitious, so this is often cheaper, especially if it falls on a Friday!

Additionally, booking mid-week can also save you some cash as these are also in lower demand than Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

If you’re planning to get married abroad, then many of the usual tricks for saving money when travelling also apply. For example, if you plan to get married in a little chapel on the Las Vegas strip, you can cut the costs of getting there by looking for connecting flights rather than flying direct. Turning on the charm can also get you a hotel upgrade so you may not have to fork out for the bridal suite. 

The Rings

The rings are an area where many people don’t want to scrimp on. After all, your wedding rings are one of the few things that you can continue to admire and enjoy long after the big day. 

That said, there are still several ways that you can save money when buying your rings. One of the most common pieces of advice that is given to happy couples is that they should set a budget and stick to it so that they can avoid splashing out way more than they can afford. 

Some jewellers may have a little room to manoeuvre if you’re brave enough to haggle, just remember to do this tactfully and politely for the best chances of it working. 

Buying online can save you up to 40% off high street prices, while opting for lab-grown diamonds can also save you a few quids. 

There are many different styles of wedding rings, though the most common choice is the traditional plain band. Generally, these are cheaper as they don’t contain stones, so you can get quality precious metal without breaking the bank. 


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