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Michael Caine​ would gleefully star in Hatton Garden Heist movie

Sir Michael Caine, 82,​ says he ​would ​gleefully star in a new film​ in preparation​ for the recent £14m Hatton Garden jewellery heist,​ ​’on condition​ the script is sparkling​’.

So, are we in for a new version of the well-known expression, like: ‘You were only supposed to blow the ruddy (ruby) doors off!”?​

Items in the Hatton Garden safe deposit raid included gold, diamonds and sapphires​ when the gang of ‘grand-dad’ ​burglars drilled their way into a subterranean vault in London’s jewellery ​district. Three men have been found guilty of involvement in the raid, the largest burglary in British legal history. Given that a large part of the booty was recovered by a rapid and tenacious police operation, we can say that Hatton Garden remains a focal point for celebrities and the infamous alike, whilst retaining its reputation as a safe haven for collectors and investors.

The Hatton Garden ringleader known as “Basil” has been found guilty four years after carrying out the £14m heist.

Michael Seed, 58, an alarm specialist, is believed to have let himself into the safe deposit facility in London using a set of keys before disabling the security system.

He was one of two men who climbed into the vault to loot 73 deposit boxes after a gang of criminals drilled through a thick concrete wall over the 2015 Easter bank holiday weekend.

Seed, who pays no taxes, claims no benefits and rarely uses a bank account, evaded capture for three years before police raided his flat in Islington, north London, on 27 March last year.

Detectives believe the gang may have been operating undetected for decades before they were caught, but cannot link them to any other crimes.


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