Most Expensive Watch Brands

It’s well known that collecting the most luxurious watch brands will be an expensive hobby. Some timepieces from luxury brands like Rolex and Vacheron can cost up to a few thousand British Pounds. But did you know that the most expensive watches can cost up to millions of British Pounds?

Here at Hatton Garden, we have put together our list of the most luxurious watch brands.

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime


This expensive luxury watch was created especially for Only Watch 2019. It stands out as the first and only version of this timepiece ever produced in stainless steel.

The Grandmaster Chime spent the last 8 years in development and houses 20 complications in 1,366 parts. Two of the complications are actually the first of their kind. The 47mm case alone took 4 years to develop and has an additional 214 components, which is more than what most movements have. Apart from being technically masterful, the case is a hand-engraved triumph.

Price tag Approx is £25 million.

Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’Ile

Vacheron Constantin Tour de I'Ile

This Brand celebrates the brand’s 250th anniversary, with one of the most complicated watches ever produced. To display the wide variety of complications, the watch features two faces (one on the front and the other on the back). This watch is priced at over 1,500,000 million, and only seven watches were created.

Three-body, round, bezels with a serrated edge, rounded band, curved sloped 250 ans lugs, and anti-reflective sapphire crystals. The front bezel revolves to activate the minute repeat. Dials:- Recto, solid gold, black, 250 ans guilloché, applied pink gold faceted baton indexes, off-centre minute track, subsidiary dial for the second time zone is 24 hours with day-night indication, moon phase aperture with lunar age scale, couple de sonnerie and 58-hour power reserve sectors and aperture with seconds track to view the revolving one-minute tourbillon.

The price tag Approx is £6.5 million.

Louis Moinet Meteoris

Louis Moinet Meteoris

In a world of extravagance and extreme luxury, there can be no louder statement than the Meteoris watch collection created by Louis Moinet. Master of mechanics, pioneer of chronometry, inventor of the chronograph and one of the most influential watchmakers of all time, Louis Moinet left a legacy that still sets the standard of high-class timepieces.

The Tourbillon Mars dial features a hand-crafted fragment of the Jiddat al Harasis 479 meteorite, an authentic piece of the planet Mars that fell to Earth. The Jiddat al Harasis 479 is probably more than 180 million years old. Because of their rarity, Martian meteorites can sell for as much as £900 per gram – more than 15 times the current price of gold.

The price tag Approx is £3.74 million.

Rolex Daytona Ref. 6263 Oyster Albino

Rolex Daytona

Currently, the costliest Rolex ever sold is the Daytona 6263 Oyster Albino, which went for a cool $4 million in 2014. The watch, which features a stainless steel case, received its unusual name from its white chronograph subdials. Apart from its unique design, this timepiece is also valuable because of its rarity. Only four were ever made.

If you know anything about vintage Rolex, then you probably also know that the most sought-after examples – the ones that make collector’s hearts beat as fast as they can go – are those that have something unusual about them, something that not every Rolex can boast, something that makes them rarer than four-leaf clovers picked by a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow

The price tag Approx is £13 million.

Lange & Söhne Grand Complication

Lange Soehne Grand Complication

The creation of the Grand Complication coincides neatly with the new brand’s 20th anniversary. And complicated it is: Only one watchmaker in the world can assemble it, working on one at a time for a full year. The first will be finished at the end of 2014.

The watch has 876 hand-wrought parts, seven complications and 14 functions. In watchmaking, a function is anything that performs a task. A complication is any part that does more than a three-hand watch that tells the hour, minute and second. A complication might include several functions — for example, a perpetual calendar, which tells the day and month and adjusts for leap years.

The price tag Approx is £1.55 million.

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