Palladium Engagement and Wedding Rings

So what is Palladium and should we use it for engagement rings and wedding rings?

The simple answer is YES!

There is no disputing that when it comes to engagement rings, people often concentrate on the major attraction: the diamond. Finding the ideal diamond is often the main goal of engagement ring purchasing, from the diamond’s shape to its carat size.

Palladium is a fantastic metal that is part of the Platinum Family, it is a white metal that does not need re-plating and we have been using Palladium to make jewellery for many years now even before it had its hallmark.

I know from talking to couples that you have been getting some conflicting information so I thought I would do a short article so you can learn the truth. There are 2 grades of Palladium metal two have a 950 hallmark and one has a 500 hallmark.

Palladium is so much cheaper than Platinum but is a naturally white metal, hypoallergenic and scores the same on the hardness scale as Platinum when you try and dent it. Platinum is a denser metal but both Palladium and Platinum are naturally white metals. Platinum and Palladium look very similar when held together and the only difference will be the weight. Platinum is far more expensive because it is rarer and the price is decided by the stock market.

The best Palladium is 950 Palladium with .5% Ruthenium and 95% Palladium this is the mix we use as it is the best for rings that you will be wearing on a day-to-day basis. This Palladium scores the same as Platinum on the Mohs hardness test. Hardness tests are not about scratching as every metal will scratch with daily wear and tear but about how easily they dent. Mixing Ruthenium with Palladium is the only truly successful combination. Ruthenium is part of the platinum family of metals too and by using this mix you are maintaining the purity and integrity of the metals. Always check with the jeweller that the Palladium is 950 and not 500 Palladium as this has a 50% silver mix and this Palladium is not anywhere near as hard and is definitely not as hard as Platinum.

The metal enhances the stone, and selecting the metal is a crucial step in the diamond engagement ring purchasing process. It is almost hard to display the diamond to its full brilliance without the ideal metal. It’s not surprising that more buyers are paying special attention to the metal of their diamond engagement ring when you consider that it may significantly impact your diamond ring’s longevity.

Palladium and platinum

These metals’ silver hue is great for showcasing that stunning diamond engagement ring. Platinum and palladium are also both very robust and resilient, making them the ideal metal for someone who works with their hands. Palladium is much less expensive than platinum for couples on a tight budget. However, don’t be misled by the price into believing that the metal won’t be as strong as platinum since palladium is considered considerably more robust and long-lasting. It strikes an excellent balance between power, fashion, and price.

Consider your choice of metal carefully, as it will significantly affect how your diamond engagement ring will look.