What Justify a Man Wearing a Watch?

In this day and age, nearly everyone has a smartphone and can quickly check the time. There is hardly any need for a clock. Why should a man carry a watch when he can easily check the time on his smartphone is still a valid issue.

Wearing a watch, however, has many more benefits than merely letting you know the time. In actuality, it is a component of every person’s wardrobe that is essential. With cutting-edge features, technology, and attention to detail, men’s watches have always been on the rise and will continue to do so.

The finest illustration is how tremendous work is put in by watchmakers like Patek Philippe and many others to keep clocks that were once essential tools from being rendered obsolete in an instant.

A Bit of History of the wristwatch

The first wristwatch, according to the Guinness World Records, was created in 1868 by Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary. The wristwatch, which was first created as a piece of jewellery, has since become a popular accessory for both decorative and practical reasons. It appears that Patek Philippe created the wristwatch first because it holds the official record for the largest wristwatch.

Why do we still buy expensive timepieces to check the time in the Modern era?

A modern man purchases or wears a watch when he could quickly check the time on his phone. In this post, certain crucial justifications are highlighted. Some of the benefits typically improve your style and are a good investment; Luxury watches like Rolex hold a monetary value and made a statement of success on the person wearing one.

The value and power of dressing properly have been amply shown. According to studies, guys who dress well:

Present yourself as a more knowledgeable, capable, and reliable source.

are more appealing to women sexually and are more likely to find a job and advance in their position.

Do you want to discover the best and quickest technique to significantly enhance your style?

Add a watch or other traditional, understated masculine accessories to your ensemble. Take a look at these two men as examples:

Watches are Useful

Phones don’t make you more reliable. Watches do. One of the easiest ways to know the time is by using a watch.

I have a smartphone, thus I don’t need a watch, this is a popular response from a generation that is increasingly considering the negative impacts of constant mobile phone use. It seems hopeless to go mobile fishing only to check the time.

It’s more elegant to glance quickly at your wrist when on a date or at a meeting to check the time. Just picture how unpleasant it would be for your colleagues if you pulled out your phone in the middle of a serious discussion.

A wristwatch is a discrete and extremely practical method to check the time on various occasions where it is necessary to keep the mobile device hidden, such as at a funeral, the beach, or a wedding.

The Easiest & Best Accessory For Men to Wear is a Watch

You can see how adding an item quickly updates your outfit and gives you a more polished appearance. There aren’t many stylish accessories available for males to wear.

Consider This:

What adornments, except some formal ones (such as a tie and pocket square), are actually acceptable for males to wear?

Scarves? Suspenders? Gloves?

The majority of the males think that carrying things requires too much effort. However, virtually all guys find wearing a watch to be incredibly natural and pleasant, and here’s why:

Traditional, stylish, and now in style are wristwatches. They have been worn by great men throughout history. They’re not overt. They seldom call attention to themselves and instead dazzle anybody who does.

Otherwise said:

Watches are timeless and traditional piece of clothing that instantly elevates the appearance of any guy.

Keep your priorities organized, watches remind you.

Life is run by time. dates, gatherings, workouts, getting up and going to bed. Every aspect of our life has a deadline. It’s how society functions in general.

Now: A watch will surely help you stay on schedule for your meetings, but for us, its true usefulness goes well beyond that.

This is How We View it:

A wristwatch’s only function is to display the time. You cannot see a website, text pals, or use your email. A watch quite simply & easily indicates the time.

Now since it serves such a crucial & particular purpose, it starts to represent that purpose, so to speak:

A Watch Represents Time.

A watch becomes a silent reminder that time is passing quickly and that you should make the most of each moment.

There is no suggestion that men should stop wearing wristwatches in light of the phone’s findings. A man’s link to the past, sense of time, sense of style, and identity are all expressed via the wristwatch that he wears.

For hundreds of years and for hundreds more to come, great men have worn watches.

Embody Craftmanship in Luxury Watches.

Watches are a kind of art that beautifully showcase the skill of its creator. For certain wristwatches, it is more than simply a work of beauty; it tells a tale of custom, history, and perhaps even the artisan.

Several technicians labour on certain watches for months as they are being made. In order to acquire it, it seems as fashionable and tempting as ever. You are thus wearing a work of art and embodying fine craftsmanship every time you wear a watch from a reputable online supplier of luxury timepieces, in London UK.

While there are many watches available on the market that don’t suit this story, there are also some of the greatest watches that you can’t help but give a second look at.

Watches Are A Piece of Attraction

Wearing a wristwatch enhances your overall appearance and helps you appear more fashionable. When a woman takes a glimpse at a man, the wristwatch is the second item she sees, just after the shoes.

The admirer may compliment your watch and inquire about its brand or any other aspect of it. A fantastic watch piece may also be a terrific conversation starter. You could then have interesting conversations and develop a lasting friendship.


In addition to being simpler than using a phone to check the time, wearing a watch prevents you from becoming “trapped on your phone.”

When someone checks their phone in the middle of a discussion, stops, and looks at the screen for an extended period of time, you may wonder:

Did Facebook just cause me to lose them? An additional text message? Was my presence a bore to them?

It is impolite, irritating, and perplexing.

Additionally, we have all experienced things from the other side:

To check the time, you glanced at your phone, but the alerts kept you from checking the time. A wristwatch really makes a bad habit worse.

Will wearing a wristwatch help you avoid becoming “stuck” on your phone?

No. However, it makes a significant difference to acknowledge that the typical American checks their cell phone 46 times every day.


Wristwatches are changing, too, and new, high-quality models are always being manufactured, much like smartphones. After reading this essay, you probably have more persuasive reasons to maintain wearing wristwatches even if you had previously considered doing without them.

Now that you are aware of the significance of why a guy should wear a watch, you can easily browse our extensive selection of top watch manufacturers. At NY WATCH, our aim extends beyond sales.

In order for their timepieces to become antique items that are passed down through their families for a long time, we provide our customers with some of the best-selling luxury watches as well as the greatest care and support.


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