Personalised wedding rings

Bespoke wedding rings

Investing in a custom-made wedding ring makes your wedding even more memorable. Your wedding bands are a symbol of your eternal love for each other. Ovadia jewellery is an independent creative jewellery shop in Hatton Garden London. We offer you an opportunity to create your own wedding ring design and make your custom wedding rings for your special day. Your wedding rings are sculpted by three master craftsmen with over 30 years’ experience in making bespoke jewellery. The wedding rings are tailored to perfection, allowing them to fit with your engagement ring. Ovadia’s bespoke section allows you to commission your own rings crafted to your likeness. We believe wedding rings should be unique, just like your vows. Our in-house bespoke jewellers will walk you through the entire process. You are able to see your rings come to life from just being ideas to luxury ring you will adore.

A message to your loved-one

Imaging engraving a special message to your partner on the wedding band. The message not only irradiates your love, but it also makes the wedding ring timeless and much more special. Our modern equipment allows us to capture your wedding ring design and inscribe a unique message for your partner. You get to have clear laser engravings in your designs. We have detailed sketchbooks will help form an idea of the message to inscribe. From fingerprints to skylines, our designers will help you to create the perfect wedding ring to seal your marriage. Our tailored bespoke services allow you to shape your ring to your desired taste. We employ the highest standards in masterful crafting of your rings to ensure they are a perfect fit. As the client will have the privilege of coming up with the preferred design and shape for your wedding rings. This allows you to match up the design of your engagement rings perfectly to your wedding bands

Wedding ring design

Being involved in your wedding ring design and styling helps create your own personalised touch. When you are able to input your own ideas into your wedding rings you will treasure them forever. You will work with a team of creative designers and three experienced craftsmen to sculpt your bespoke wedding rings to reality. Our jewellers work in absolute precision and enviable masterful artistry. Their strokes and cuts work through your rough diamond in wonderful craftsmanship. You can rely on their vast accumulated experienced over the years to shape your jewellery to life. Join in the hundreds of clients who have called to Ovadia’s jewellery experts for their personalised bespoke wedding rings.

Variety of Loose Diamonds

Our online shop has the largest collection of loose diamonds that you can select to be used to create brilliant sparkling wedding rings. Our loose diamond collection comes in different size, shape, and colours. You have the choice of acquiring the perfect gemstones to set on your wedding ring. Our jewellery craftsmen will be able to work with the intricately cut diamond pieces to produce a jewel that you will treasure till the end of time. Select your cut diamond from our wide selection and let our professionals work on it. For all your enquiries about hand-made bespoke wedding rings, call us on 020 7405 1063 to book your appointment. You can also visit our shop in Hatton Garden. For those that may want to send an email, our address is at Choose Ovadia London jewellers for a personalised, engaging bespoke jewellery design experience.


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