Engraving your wedding ring

wedding ring engravingMany people decide to get their wedding ring engraved. Some simply opt for the date and the name of their partner. Others go more unusual with an in joke or song lyrics. An inscription personalises your ring and makes it entirely unique, and to some, this makes the wedding band even more meaningful. When it comes to the decision of whether to get your ring engraved or not, the choice is entirely individual.

Firstly, be realistic about the type of ring you have chosen, and whether it is suitable for ring engraving. Bear in mind that thicker and clearer inscriptions tend to stand up better over time. Prices for engraving depend on the length of the inscription, and the width of the ring itself, so be sure to take this into account as well.

If you do chose to commit to an engraving, make sure you are completely happy with the phrase, word, or name you have chosen. It will be on your finger for life as a symbol of your commitment. If you choose something too current or quirky, no matter how hilarious you think it is now, it probably won’t seem funny in 20 years time. If you choose something classic, tasteful and timeless, you’ll be left with a personalised bespoke ring that you can cherish forever.

R.H Wilkins in Hatton Garden offer a bespoke engraving service. Their expert staff have a collective wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you make the right choice.