Summer Coloured Stones

The sun has got his hat on (sort of), and here at Hatton Garden, we can’t wait for all of the gorgeous sights, sounds and smells of summer to arrive. If you’re making plans for fun in the sun, we’ve got some great suggestions for summer coloured gemstones that will make your outfit as bright and beautiful as the weather.


The name of this stunning yellow stone comes from the French word citron, which means lemon – so you can imagine just how zesty and fresh its colour is! Citrine’s bold golden hues are great for summertime accessorising, whether you wear it in a necklace, a pair of earrings or a bracelet. It’s also the birthstone for November, so it’s particularly appropriate if you were born in that month.


Pretty opaque gemstone jade comes in a variety of different shades of green, from deep and dark to light and luminous, but whatever shade you choose, it perfectly reflects the bright colours and lush green scenery of summer. Jade is said to be a stone with many properties, including love, money, protection and healing, so choose this gem for a summer filled with luck and prosperity.


If you’re beach-bound this summer, aquamarine is the summer stone for you! This glittering blue gemstone reflects all of the dazzling colours of the ocean in crystal clear clarity. Apparently, aquamarine also promotes safe travel across the water and can be used to soothe phobias and anxieties, so it’s ideal for nervous travellers or those who want their cruises to-go off without a hitch!

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