The Goldsmiths’ Centre shines the spotlight on early career jewellers and silversmiths

This January, from 8 January to 29 February 2024, The Goldsmiths’ Centre in London proudly hosts an exceptional showcase titled ‘Spotlighting Getting Started’. This captivating exhibition, open to the public at no charge, features the innovative creations of eighteen emerging jewellers and silversmiths. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to view over 50 handcrafted pieces, ranging from the intriguingly designed slug-shaped brooches to rings evocative of ancient treasures, all crafted by the most promising new talents in the field.

These remarkable exhibitors are not novices in their journey; each has completed The Goldsmiths’ Centre’s complimentary introductory business course, Getting Started Online, in 2023. Following this achievement, they were extended the opportunity to apply for advanced skills training and the chance to participate in this prestigious event. Their selection for ‘Spotlighting Getting Started’ was based not only on the outstanding quality of their work but also on its potential, as adjudicated by two distinguished guest judges – communications expert Nyasha Daley and renowned jewellery journalist Rachael Taylor – along with The Goldsmiths’ Centre team.

Charlotte Dew, the esteemed Head of Public Programmes at The Goldsmiths’ Centre, sheds light on the initiative: “Spotlighting Getting Started is tailored for UK-based early career artisans eager to transform the knowledge acquired during Getting Started Online into tangible success. Through practical tasks, we equip them with essential skills, from preparing for interviews to photographing their work and effectively utilising social media for promotion. Year after year, we take immense pride in witnessing our participants flourish, gaining confidence and progressively expanding their businesses. They go on to display their work at various selling events and showcases, both nationally and on international platforms.”

The 2024 exhibition boasts a diverse and talented group of exhibitors: Cameron & Breen, Xinyin Chen (EÈ Chan), Gina Cheun, Shirani Fernando (Shirani Jewellery), Amy Findlay, Monica Findlay, Connie Fung (Oncidium Jewellery), Seongmin Kim, Emma Lawrence (Spangle Fandango), Kristina Merchant, Caitlin Murphy, Lucy Pearl Petts, Kathryn Reid, Charlotte Smith, Samantha Sloane, Samantha Snow, Mizuki Tochigi, and Molly Wu.

To experience the vibrant and inspiring ‘Spotlighting Getting Started’ exhibition, you are cordially invited to visit The Goldsmiths’ Centre at 42 Britton Street, London EC1M 5AD. Conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from Farringdon station, the Centre is a hub of creativity and craftsmanship. For more details about this must-see event, please visit Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of contemporary jewellery and silverware, crafted by the hands of the UK’s most promising new artists.