The Most Popular UK Jewellers

Wearing jewellery is not just trendy and fashionable; it’s also a practice that can be traced back to ancient people around the world. Early forms of jewellery were associated with protection or status, and the significance of jewellery has changed and evolved alongside our societies.

Today, jewellery is in many ways still associated with status, as one needs considerable wealth to afford luxury fine jewellery brands, but it’s also attached to other qualities. Jewellery is a meaningful form of self-expression, love, and elegance that many people, including those without vast wealth, attach sentimental value to.

Unsurprisingly, this long-standing adoration for jewellery means there are many jewellers around the world crafting items. Here, we’ll explore some of the most popular jewellers from the UK who have served their clients for decades.

1. Ernest Jones

With over 100 jewellery shops across the UK, the Ernest Jones brand has established itself as a leader in UK jewellery. The company carries a range of accessories from the world’s best-known brands, including luxury brands like Swarovski and Vivienne Westwood. The wide range of brands delivers a diverse selection of jewellery that’s more accessible to a range of budgets.

The company takes pride in its skill and knowledge and employs skilled watchmakers who can repair and maintain timepieces for its customers.

2. Theo Fennell

Theo Fennell is a jewellery and silverware provider that strives to create timeless pieces that delight its patrons. The pieces are handcrafted, so there are limited quantities available. Each work, be it silverware or jewellery, is inspired by British elements ranging from music halls and churches to art and poetry.

Theo Fennell offers a huge range of products. In terms of jewellery, patrons will find rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, cufflinks, and watches. As for silverware, there are silver models such as sentimental pieces like silver birth certificates and functional pieces such as cutlery, candlestick holders, and salt and pepper shakers. Moreover, the shop also specialises in customisations that can bring unique ideas to life.

The lengthy process involved in following traditional craftsmanship techniques for its products comes with a hefty price tag to fairly compensate for the years of skill and the hours of work the craftsmen put in. The prices seem reserved for the exceptionally wealthy, but even with the high price tag, Theo Fennell has remained a popular jeweller in the UK since its early days.

3. Warren James Jewellers

In just over 40 years, Warren James Jewellers has become one of the UK’s most popular jewellers. It offers more affordable prices than other jewellers on this list across a vast selection of products, including rings, bracelets, watches, earrings, and necklaces.

It crafts its diamond inlay pieces with lab-grown diamonds and also carries cubic zirconia options that help reduce costs while being more socially and environmentally sustainable. Beyond light-catching diamonds, patrons will also find stunning options that allow the precious metals to shine on their own with an intricate metal work pattern or simple mouldings and pieces carefully crafted with freshwater pearls.

4. Berry’s Jewellers

Berry’s Jewellers has been operating since 1897. Since then, it has opened over a dozen shops across the UK and established itself as a luxury brand by crafting its own line of high jewellery and curating products from luxury brands like Cartier, Chanel, and Chopard.

Clients will find typical jewellery items like rings and necklaces, as well as luxury accessories, homeware items, pens, and jewellery boxes. While it is a luxury brand, it has reduced prices for pre-owned items, offering its clients versatility that provides them with quality items at lower price points.

Abe Berens founded Berry’s Jewellers, and today his family continues his work by operating and expanding the company while upholding his commitment to crafting and offering high-quality products to his clientele.

5. Goldsmiths

Founded in 1778, Goldsmiths has shaped a business that’s stood the test of time. It’s primarily known for its vast range of high-quality watches and holds the distinction of being the first jeweller in the UK to offer Rolex watches to its clientele in 1919. Goldsmiths continues to carry Rolex products and other luxury jewellery brands, including Omega, TAG Heuer, and Gucci. Alongside offering high-end brands, Goldsmiths also crafts its own collection of products.

6. Beaverbrooks

The current year, 2024, marks the 105th anniversary of Beaverbrooks. The store began as a small enterprise founded by three brothers, Isaac, Harry, and Maurice Adlestone, who wanted to craft and sell fine jewellery. Today, Beaverbrooks has nearly 100 locations across the UK and is considered one of the most popular UK jewellers.

Its product range encompasses typical jewellery pieces and offers options for a range of budgets. The company carries its own line of products, as well as other brands, including Emporio Armani, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren.

7. Watches of Switzerland

Watches may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of jewellery, but these pieces serve function while also providing fashionable additions to jewellery collections and a finishing touch to outfits. As the name implies, Watches of Switzerland specialises in delivering high-quality watches to its patrons.

The company recognized the reputation and quality of Swiss timepieces and created a store that delivered these to the UK, and it’s been a success since opening its doors 100 years ago in 1924. There are now 15 showrooms in the country, each offering well-known brands, including Cartier and Rolex, and highly knowledgeable staff who can assist with questions and evaluating watches.


The United Kingdom has produced a wide range of technically proficient and creative jewellers that have earned the loyalty of their patrons across the country, and these seven stand out for the popularity they’ve garnered. These brands offer items that help us express ourselves and mark significant moments and milestones with their vast array of jewellery and other timeless pieces that will undoubtedly become sentimental items we’ll cherish. Whether you became (or are on the way to becoming) wealthy through hard work or sheer luck through a site like, any of the brands above will let you showcase your riches wherever you go.