Is fine jewellery still fashionable?

Costume jewellery and fine jewellery both have their parts to play in any contemporary wardrobe, but with more affordable costume jewellery than ever before available on the high street, is fine jewellery falling out of favour with the young, fashionable set?

Bold new designers

Some of Britain’s brightest young jewellery designers are creating fine jewellery – bespoke jewellery pieces crafted from 18ct rose gold or white gold inlaid with diamonds are seen adorning the wrists and necks of celebrities across the country. Some of the Made in Chelsea cast are often seen wearing high-end vintage pieces, and collections by modern jewellery designers such as Laura Gravestock (whose new range is a collaboration with MIC’s Rosie Fortescue) suggest that fine jewellery is very much in fashion in London, where quality is of far more important than quantity.

Leading brands

Brands such as Astley Clarke are championing the way for more unusual metals such as rose gold, creating stylish contemporary pieces that are luxurious yet affordable for special occasions. Hatton Garden in London is filled with both traditional and contemporary boutiques offering everything from modern sapphire pendants to vintage diamond engagement rings.

In big cities such as London, New York and Paris, where people have more disposable income, fine jewellery will always have a place in people’s hearts. Wouldn’t you rather own one beautiful, unique diamond pendant that will last a lifetime than a whole drawer full of tarnished costume jewellery?


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