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The Origin of Diamonds

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But have you ever wondered where the dazzling diamonds that appear on the display windows in diamond shops come from?

Diamonds originate from deep within the Earth’s crust and emerge from the pulsating pressure and high temperatures found there. Diamonds form beneath the continental crust, from pure carbon. There is a dispute about exactly how diamonds are formed. The one thing that geologists and diamond users agree on is that diamonds are the hardest. One of the most valuable substances man has ever known.

Diamonds were first discovered in alluvial deposits in the southern regions of India. Indeed India remained the world’s primary source of diamonds for centuries. However, this changed in the early eighteenth century with the discovery of large diamond deposits in Brazil.

In the nineteenth century diamonds were discovered in South Africa. This point in time marked the beginning of the dominance of South Africa in the diamond trade. The diamond industry’s leader, DeBeers, is a world-famous name. Located in South Africa. DeBeers controls a large section of the diamond industry through its large ownership of diamond mining plants.

To this day Africa is still where the current leading nations in diamond production are to be found. Three of the world’s most prominent diamond-producing countries are located on the African continent. Namely Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. The leading non-African diamond-producing nations are Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Russia, and Australia.

The world’s diamond reserves are now steadily running out. Less than 20% of mined diamonds are gem grade, and less than 2% are referred to be “investment diamonds.” In the mining process, between 75 and 80 per cent of the diamonds are utilised for industrial purposes, including drilling, cutting, and grinding. A one-carat, gem-quality stone typically requires more than 250 tonnes of ore mining.

The diamond is a suitable representation of the tenacity and durability of marriage due to its rarity, beauty, and strength. Diamonds are often presented as presents to mark the milestone of the 60th anniversary, in addition to engagement rings. Diamonds are an obvious option to represent a long-lasting partnership because of their extensive history, feeling of permanence, and brilliant brightness.

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