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The Rarest and Most Exclusive of Christmas Gift Ideas

If money is no object and you are having trouble thinking of the ultimate Christmas gift, look no further than our suggestions- each cherry-picked for their extraordinary and rare qualities.

Jewellery Christmas Gift Ideas
Jewellery Christmas Gift Ideas

The rarest of natural and unenhanced gemstones: Golconda diamonds, Kashmir sapphires, Pigeon’s Blood rubies or Colombian emeralds- these natural wonders are the epitome of each gemstone, famed and treasured the world over for their intense colour and extreme scarcity.
Antique or vintage signed jewellery, meticulously made by hand by the finest and most distinguished of jewellery houses such as Bulgari, Cartier and Tiffany. These period pieces of jewellery are unparalleled in their design and creativity and set with some of the finest of gemstones.

A statement piece of jewellery such as a tiara, pendant brooch, fringe necklace or stunning bracelet would be an outstanding and desirable gift. Each unique piece embodies the essence of the period and in time would become your own family heirloom.

A piece of jewellery with an illustrious history is another option. Ancient Greek and Roman intaglio rings through to exquisite Medieval rings celebrate the craftsmanship and finesse of a long-gone civilisation. Own your own piece of history with these miraculous survivals.

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