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The Different Colours of Gold

Gold is one of those classic precious metals that is used in different types of jewellery across the globe, but what many people don’t realise is that it comes in many different styles and colours. Here are just a few of the more common shades of gold – which one will your next piece of jewellery be made from?

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is the classic, radiant golden hue, and has the highest percentage of pure gold compared to the other coloured forms. Yellow gold is both traditional and stylish, so it’s ideal for anyone who wants their jewellery to have a classic yet contemporary feel.

White gold

White gold is the second most popular incarnation of metal and has grown steadily in popularity over the last few decades. The bright white shade of white gold gives it a truly modern finish, similar to silver or platinum, so it’s perfect for fashion-forward jewellery fans with a taste for new styles.

Rose gold

Rose gold is a more unique, unusual type of gold – it has a flirty, feminine, pale pink hue reminiscent of the flower it was named after. Rose gold is often used to give jewellery an elegant vintage look, so it’s the metal for you if you lust after the jewellery of days gone by.

Gray Gold

Grey gold is often manufactured from gold mixed with palladium and is available in 18 karat purity. It may also be manufactured at a lower cost without palladium by combining silver, manganese, and copper in specific ratios with gold.

Green Gold

Green gold (or Electrum) is a naturally occurring gold, silver, and occasionally copper alloy. Instead of green, silver gives the gold alloy a greenish-yellow hue. Cadmium may also be blended with gold alloys to produce a green colour, although this is not usually done since cadmium is very poisonous and may be harmful to one’s health. A dark-green alloy combines 75 per cent gold, 15 per cent silver, 6 per cent copper, and 4 per cent cadmium.

So, what kind of gold is best for jewellery?

All of the first three would be correct. However, yellow gold is the most popular and preferred option depending on the availability of different patterns and purity. If you want the purest gold, you may get 24K gold coins and 22K gold coins. People who dislike the golden colour opted for white gold instead. White gold has been the more popular option for the past few years, particularly in engagement and wedding rings. On the other hand, Rose gold is finding its way into all categories of jewellery and is favoured by all types of women for its modern design.

The is no right or wrong when you choose the colour of this precious metal. Also, regardless of colour, the gold rate value keeps going up!


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