What makes an engagement ring high quality?

When purchasing an engagement ring the sheer number of options can be somewhat overwhelming. There is no hiding from the fact that there are 1000s of jewellers on offer, many of which are more than capable of creating beautiful pieces. However, such a plethora of options can make the prospect seem somewhat daunting.

As one of life’s biggest purchases, both from a financial point of view and a sentimental one, choosing the right jeweller to partner with is a decision you want to get right. There will be a jeweller that is right for everyone and there is no one size fits all. So it is important to find the jeweller that is right for you.

When considering where to purchase an engagement ring, several factors will likely impact your decision. Where are you located? Is there a particular style of engagement ring you like? How much would you like to spend? Would you like something bespoke or a pre-made design? These are all questions that are worth considering before delving into the world of engagement ring jewellers.

However, one of the most important factors when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring is quality.

Whilst there is a great variety of jewellers available, one brand has seemingly risen above the rest, building a reputation for creating some of the highest quality pieces imaginable (with a level of craft aligned with the best in the world) and highly personal service to match.

With engagement rings starting from £5,000, Blackacre and their incredible team are less suited to those seeking a piece at a lower price point. However, for those that can – few offer a more compelling high-quality product and experience and we are here to break down why and what makes a piece of jewellery high quality.

Why does engagement ring quality matter?

The quality of an engagement ring matters because it is one of life’s most meaningful purchases. A symbol of love and lifelong commitment, this is not something to be taken lightly.

A high-quality engagement ring will be designed to last a lifetime or even generations.

The quality of the engagement ring you choose to purchase may serve as an indication of what is important to you as a couple. Whether that is through unique personalisations or purchasing a high-quality ring it is a chance to show how much you care.

Whilst some couples may choose not to purchase an engagement ring and instead put money towards savings or a house, those who are buying one will want to ensure it holds the same level of meaning as their love for each other.

When it comes to engagement rings and fine jewellery, as with everything in life, you tend to get what you pay for.

What makes Blackacre engagement rings such high-quality

When it comes to high-quality jewellery Blackacre certainly is at the top of the spectrum.

With a workshop & atelier based in central London, each piece is crafted from start to finish in one location. Within the Blackacre atelier, a team of experts consisting of CAD designers, mounters, setters and polishers sit alongside one another with the single collective goal of creating the highest quality pieces imaginable. Having a team all sitting alongside each other makes all the difference…

Whilst many jewellers might use different manufacturers for different stages in the creative process, the Blackacre team have everyone under one roof. So with technical specialists at each stage of the process, it allows for cohesive decisions to be made in the best interest of the given engagement ring being worked on. For instance, the team of setters can liaise with the team of mounters to ensure that everything is as it should be before setting the stones. Arguably the leading factor in the creation of the best quality engagement rings is the fact that each Blackacre ring is crafted from scratch in a process centred around “stone-led design

What does “stone-led design mean”?

In simple terms, “stone-led design” is the process of designing a piece of jewellery around a specific diamond or gemstone. By adopting this approach the Blackacre team are able to tailor a piece of jewellery to the specific stone allowing it to be shown to its maximum potential. From allowing the optimal flow of light through each diamond or gem (to ensure the maximum sparkle) to making sure the metalwork is highly proportional and elegant – it is the approach that makes this level of quality possible.

The importance of setting in the best quality engagement rings and jewellery

Whilst the setting of a gemstone or diamond in an engagement ring or piece of jewellery can arguably be the most obvious means of identifying a high-quality piece of jewellery, it is only possible to achieve this with exceptional quality craftsmanship at each step of the journey. The setting of the stones is only the final piece of the jigsaw.

What makes a jewellery setting high quality vs low quality?

In simple terms, a high-quality diamond or gemstone setting will have the minimal metal possible on display, and have a highly elegant and discreet appearance, whilst ensuring the stones are totally secure. The result of this is a piece of jewellery that has a very aesthetically pleasing finish and allows the maximum amount of light through the given diamonds or gemstones.

In contrast to this, a poor-quality setting will have chunky or cumbersome metalwork surrounding the diamond and therefore block out a lot of light from entering or exiting the stone.

It does not take an expert to recognise that the quality of the setting in any Blackacre creation is exceptional. The high-quality settings of diamonds in Blackacre engagement rings, alongside the use of mixed metals, are arguably the defining features of many of their creations.

Why are Blackacre engagement rings amongst the best?

As each ring is made to order not only are they of exceptional quality but each one is also tailored to the specific client’s needs often including a personal or meaningful detail. The full portfolio of designs can be seen here.

A high-quality engagement ring isn’t just about the product

A simple read-through of the client testimonials and reviews online and it becomes all too clear that this is not just a jeweller. You really get a sense of the level of care that the team of jewellers and gemologists are able to provide. With quotes such as “This is not just a jeweller, they are an engagement ring partner” you quickly gauge that the team genuinely care about what they do.

This level of care likely stems from the fact the business has been built upon, and is to this day, the lifelong passion of the founder, Samuel Stirrat. Having started his journey of jewellery making as a child in his bedroom there is an immense amount of pride that clearly sits behind all that they do. Whether that is the level of communication (often mentioned in reviews) or the sheer amount of time invested in each client you really get the sense that they care. Which is refreshing in what can seem a somewhat intimidating world of luxury items.

Alternative jewellers:

Queensmith – A jeweller located in Hatton Garden and with multiple retail stores can offer a range of lab-grown diamond engagement rings. With a series of customisable house designs, there are a number of different options to choose from

Boodles – Arguably one of the best-known British brands with stores in Bond Street and Sloane Square this household name has a superb selection of diamond engagement rings and jewellery

De Beers – Best known for their sourcing of diamonds they also have a number of jewellery stores including one on Old Bond Street.