What Makes Diamond Jewellery So Sought After?

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes diamond jewellery so sought after? In many instances, diamond jewellery is one of the most highly prized types of jewellery that money can buy – and, with this in mind, we’ve summarised some of the key reasons that make diamond jewellery so highly prized as follows.

After all, you deserve the best jewellery solutions, and hopefully, today’s article will give you some new ideas and thoughts about how you can find the most stunning jewellery for your collection. Whatever the purpose, be it for a wedding or engagement ring, a necklace, or the like – it’s undeniable that diamond will always remain one of the most stunning and popular types, and we’re confident you’ll be just as amazed when you learn more about what it is that makes diamond jewellery so highly sought after.

What Makes Diamond Jewellery So Highly Sought After?

What makes diamond jewellery so highly sought after? Diamond jewellery is iconic and sophisticated, and so many of us dream of owning these beautiful gemstones. But the diamond isn’t the only stunning gem out there, and there are actually countless other pieces that offer exceptional quality and sophistication.

Why, then, is diamond jewellery so highly prized and sought after compared to other gemstones? We’ll consider what makes diamonds so expensive as follows, to hopefully help you find out more about why these stunning gems are so much different from others.

What Makes Diamonds so Expensive?

Though recent times have seen advancements in technology that allow diamonds to be artificially made in laboratory settings, natural diamonds are something quite special. Indeed, diamonds are formed naturally over millions, if not billions, of years near the centre of the Earth’s core, where temperatures and pressures are incomparably hot.

As with any natural occurrence, there are no control mechanisms in place when it comes to the creation of diamonds, which means that every diamond is unique in its own way. Some are larger and some are smaller, meanwhile, others have more orderly crystalline structures and arrangements that make them in higher demand than others.

Moreover, any impurities within the diamond will also have significant alterations in the final quality, purity, and value of the diamond. These are all factors that should be considered when considering the value of a diamond crystal, and this also plays a significant role in whether or not a natural diamond is fit for sale; in fact, it’s estimated that only around half of mined diamonds are of suitable quality and purity for sale.

The Unique Allure of Diamond Jewellery

Diamond jewellery, regardless of whether it’s naturally formed or artificially made in a laboratory, always commands a massive appeal due to its unique allure. The highly specific and intense conditions to grow a diamond are incredibly unpredictable, and this makes diamonds exceptionally rare. Moreover, the number of naturally formed diamonds that actually make it safely to the surface where they can be mined is even lower, and this gives them a unique appeal for both their rarity, purity, aesthetic, and practicality.

Diamond, owing to its unique formation conditions, is one of the strongest materials on Earth. As such, a very small coating of a diamond is widely used in many construction tools and materials. This incredible strength is certainly a contributing factor to the value of diamonds – but the rarity of natural diamonds, coupled with their stunning visual aesthetics and shine, are among the biggest influences on their value.

Even laboratory-grown diamonds, although holding somewhat less value (as they are not naturally made, and so deemed to be less rare and appealing) still command a massive price tag. The conditions required to produce even a small diamond in the laboratory are exceptionally expensive, and with this in mind, it’s no surprise that even artificial diamonds come with a high price tag.

In short: the unique allure of diamond jewellery, be it artificial or natural, is largely related to the exceptional rarity and aesthetic appeal diamonds can offer. Critically, this will relate to the final quality of the diamond, with the most flawless diamonds being the rarest, and so commanding the highest price tags. And, while most of us consider that we could only afford to buy top-quality diamond jewellery after winning the Lotto, it’s nevertheless undeniable that diamond jewellery will always captivate our hearts and attention!


When we think of diamonds, our attention and focus immediately turn to gorgeous, flawless gems that will make any wearer feel like a member of the royal family. Indeed, the sheer beauty of diamonds makes them so stunning and alluring – and, with this in mind, it’s perhaps no surprise that iconic diamond jewellery is among the most popular. And, while diamond is expensive, its beauty is something that we can all appreciate and adore.


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