Jewellery Hacks to Care for Your Accessories on a Student Budget

If you are a student and want to maintain the shine of your jewellery without having to spend too much money then read on. We’ve got you covered! Below is a list of affordable ideas on how to take care of your jewellery if you are a student.

Clean your jewellery at home

Cleaning your jewellery at home is very simple, and you do not need to buy any special equipment. It only requires warm water and gentle dish soap for you to be able to clean it effectively and safely. Existing grime is softened in warmer water, and dish soap dissolves it. One is to use a soft toothbrush to brush your jewellery and wipe off any dirt or oils that may have accumulated on the jewellery. Do not rub the jewellery with vigor, particularly if the pieces are fine or contain gems. After washing, the jewellery should be rewashed using clean water in order to remove any traces of soap. Lastly, you should wipe your jewellery with a clean and dry cloth and polish it lightly. By following this easy guide, you should be able to maintain the sparkle of your jewellery without having to opt for professional jewellery cleaning.

Recall that cleaning your jewellery doesn’t have to break the bank for a student. These useful and affordable tips will help you maintain the quality of your accessories without going over budget. If you need additional help with your academic tasks, some writing services with years of experience can assist you. If you require help with writing essays, research papers, or other assignments, just write them: “Write my essay for undergraduates and masters from the top teachers.” So, go ahead, shine bright with your budget-friendly jewellery hacks, and trust them to shine bright academically!

Stop tarnish with nail polish

Tarnish entails the darkening or discoloration of metals such as silver and copper due to their interaction with substances within the environment. To avoid tarnishing and ensure that your jewellery remains shiny, you can coat the areas of your jewellery that will touch your skin with clear nail polish. This lays down a layer of protection that prevents the metal from coming into contact with air and moisture. That’s why clear nail polish should be used so that it doesn’t alter the look of the jewellery. Just apply a thin coat of the solution and let it dry before putting on your jewellery. This little tip will assist you in maintaining your jewellery for longer and minimize the frequency at which you will have to clean or polish it.

Store your jewellery properly

Securing your jewellery and making sure they do not get damaged requires proper storage. When storing your jewellery, ensure that each piece is stored separately to avoid getting tangled or scratched. Alternatively, you can get a jewellery box that has separate spaces for each of the pieces or make one by using an ice cube tray or an egg carton. For intricate jewellery such as necklaces and earrings, it is advisable to hang them on jewellery trees or hooks to avoid entanglement. One more essential tip is to keep your jewellery in a dry and dark area because contact with heat and light can make metals get rusty, and gemstones lose their shine. If properly stored, your jewellery will not only last longer but also retain its appeal for many years to come.

Get creative with old jewellery

Why not learn from the idea of recycling and make some new jewellery out of worn-out or damaged ones? Some of the ways that people can recycle their jewellery include turning two earrings of different designs into charms of a bracelet or putting beads of different colors on a plain necklace. You can search for ideas for the creative utilization of old jewellery on the internet or generate your own ideas. Repurposing old jewellery is not only an exciting and original way to update your accessories but also an environmentally friendly way to get new jewellery. In addition, it brings out the best of what one has without necessarily having to spend a lot of money.

Look for affordable options

As much as it is good to look for beautiful jewellery, it is equally important to do it without digging deep into your pocket. There are so many cheap traps out there; you might get the jewellery from an inexpensive case or even second-hand jewellery. Fine and costume jewellery differ in that the former is more expensive and made with precious metals and real stones, while the latter is an affordable piece that imitates a fashionable, exclusive jewel. Costume jewellery can be available at department stores, online merchants, and various boutiques. Thrifty shops, flea markets, eBay, and Etsy can also be of great help, as well as a treasure trove of inexpensive and outstanding jewellery. If it is earrings that you want or a piece of jewel that will make a statement around your neck, you do not have to be forced to buy a cheap imitation; there are ways to get affordable items.


The following are some simple and inexpensive ways of ensuring that your jewellery pieces are well maintained: Taking good care of your jewellery and coming up with ways in how to maintain them will definitely make your best time cherished in the longest run without having to spend more than a student allowance.