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The unwritten rules of wearing jewellery every woman should know

The Unwritten Rules Of Wearing Jewellery Every Woman Should Know

Like the ultimate glamour icon Marilyn Monroe declared in her musical number from the 1953...

The Best Ways to Keep Your Jewellery Looking Like New

The Best Ways To Keep Your Jewellery Looking Like New

Jewellery is a great way to add an extra sparkle to your look and style....

How to Take Care of Jewellery to make it Last Longer

How To Take Care Of Jewellery To Make It Last Longer

Jewellery is an essential thing in a lady’s wardrobe. While every piece of jewellery looks...

Top tips for caring for white gold jewellery

Top Tips For Caring For White Gold Jewellery

White gold jewellery is a beautiful, contemporary alternative to yellow gold and is a popular...

The Worst Jewellery Care Mistakes

The Worst Jewellery Care Mistakes

Whether it’s your precious engagement ring, a long-loved family heirloom or a particularly beloved piece...