Buying Pink Diamonds

6 Tips For Buying Pink Diamonds

Most people envision a white or colourless precious stone when they think of diamond jewellery. …

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Diamond jewellery to give you some sparkle

We all need a little extra sparkle in our lives every month, particularly since this …

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Ethical Diamonds

Conflict Diamonds Vs Ethical Diamonds

Are you looking to purchase a special piece of jewellery but afraid of ending up …

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lab-made diamond

The pros of lab-made diamonds

Diamonds have captivated humans since we first discovered them. The glittering, solid and incredibly rare …

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diamonds jewellery

What Makes Diamond Jewellery So Sought After?

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes diamond jewellery so sought after? In …

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Diamond Clarity

What is Diamond Clarity?

The clarity of diamonds refers to the existence of inclusions in a diamond. Almost all diamonds …

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Anniversary Jewellery

Anniversary Jewellery

This guide to traditional anniversary metals and stones will help you to ensure that your …

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Iconic film star jewellery

Jewellery has been a popular fashion statement for hundreds, if not thousands of years. However, …

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The meaning behind eternity rings

Eternity rings are a relatively new creation when compared to engagement rings, dating back to …

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