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Psychology Behind Jewellery Themes in Online Games

At first sight, casino developers have many games featuring gems, gold, jewellery, and all this expensive-shining stuff. Why not craft something else (except for fruit and Greek gods, of course) in 2024? There is a real reason.

Jewellery, no matter real or virtual, has a massive impact on our perception. Associations revolving around this topic make it so popular among software providers of non-GamStop casinos. With no hesitation, let’s dive into the topic and prevent providers from manipulating you.

What Is GamStop and Non-GamStop Games: Explaining in a Nutshell

For those who are new to casino gaming, such terms may be confusing. “I just want to play casino games; why should I care about GamStop?”

It works simply: GamStop is an official organization supported by the UK government. It helps people with a gambling addiction by blocking all casinos for their IP. Thus, using it, you cannot enter the online casino. Easy, right? Not so easy. GamStop blocks only British casinos because they are obligated to follow the organizations’ rules. You can still play at casino operators that are not in GamStop online with no problems. Talking about non-GamStop platforms, people mean international casinos – thus, platforms that are available for everyone.

Psychology of Gems: What Do They Mean for People?

It is historically explained that gems are a symbol of money and prestige for people. Available only for nobles, they are associated with luxury. And let’s be honest – even now, not everyone can easily accept brilliants. But there is an even deeper meaning.

Visual Attractiveness

Gems are easier to paint attractively than a fruit, or a number, or a letter… well, or anything. Add to this the fact that casino games must be beautiful and tempting. Here is the result. Designers try to make casino games bright and colourful. Even the sounds of buttons are made to satisfy us. What could be easier than using bright and colourful gems? Such an easy thing makes a game visually attractive with no complications.

Symbol of Prosperity

Everyone says, “I come to a casino for fun,” until they win the first money. People do play casino games to earn, and symbols of prosperity inspire and attract us. Despite it seeming obvious, the human brain is made to react to shiny things, and that’s what we like in gems and minerals.

Symbol of Luck and Risk

Gems have another meaning as well. In legends of many nations, they were associated with mysteries and odd events. People who have expensive jewellery can be either happy and rich or cursed. These mysterious gems mean risk and a game of fortune – whether you win or lose. Will gems bring you luck or misfortune? Such symbolism is another reason for casino games to use them. Gambling is, in fact, also a game against destiny.


Jewelry appears in different legends and myths. For example, they are a common element of Egyptian mythology, another common choice for slots. Using jewellery in games makes storytelling easier. The provider can use an old legend, movie, or book to create a story. In Ancient Greece, diamonds were the tears of a goddess. In Hindu myths, diamonds were considered arrows of the God of love. And in Ancient Egypt, they were a symbol of spring and rebirth – another good idea for a casino, right?

Breaking Down the Examples

Instead of talking about general things, see how this approach is used in different casino games.

Gem Slots

Lots of jewels are here and there. “Gems Bonanza” by Pragmatic Play features gems of different colours as slot symbols. Same for “Gemmed”, “Gemix 2”, or “Gem heat”.

Some jewellery slots are connected to legends and stories. In “Cleopatra” by NetEnt, the jewels are connected with an Egyptian theme. “Gem Temple” is a game about an ancient temple where a player finds expensive gems. There are also playful and light titles like “Gem Crush” or “Gemix” – there, you enjoy a colourful, even a bit childish, interface, again connected with stones.

Table Games

Even if not used in gameplay itself, the world connected to the best jewellery brands may appear in titles. For example, the “Roulette Diamond” table game doesn’t feature diamonds. It is just a roulette. However, it attracts people and is associated with prosperity. Same for “Nine Pots of Gold”, which again stands for a classic roulette game.

Don’t Let Casinos Trick You

Using psychological triggers, online casinos influence you. You want to play more and seem to expect more than you can achieve. Sure, the title must be attractive. But don’t forget that all this is made for fun and time spending. Also, use the features of responsible gaming:

  • Make pauses before games
  • Set limits for your deposits within the platform
  • Download a reality check app (or simply set an alarm)

Don’t expect too much from your gaming – especially when the title features mountains of gold. If you play non-GamStop casinos, be especially attentive. You will not be able to self-exclude in case your behaviour becomes addictive. That is why understanding game psychology is essential. Even simple and obvious symbols can affect our perception of things.


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