Creative ways to wear your October birthstone

Opal Ring

Opal-RingBirthstone jewellery is popular with all ages, and wearing your birthstone can help you to feel at your best. The birthstone for October is opal; here are just a few ideas for ways to wear this beautiful gemstone.

Opals come in a variety of colours, from translucent opals to vibrant fire opals, and a silver or gold opal ring is a great way to wear this gorgeous stone. Whether you opt for a chunky, hammered style with a single stone or a delicate band of gold set with tiny opals, you’re sure to make an impact.

Charm Bracelet

Opal Charm BraceletA great way to wear your birthstone is as a bracelet charm. Brands such as Pandora do a range of pink opal charms, which complement their silver bracelets perfectly. There are even matching pink opal earrings available!


Opal Pendant

blue opal pendant

Opal pendants make a stunning addition to any outfit. From black to white opal, browse our opal pendant necklaces for exquisite designs. A large, single opal set in gold, white gold or silver makes a stunning piece of statement jewellery. For a traditional look, opt for a round or oval opal pendant, whilst for a contemporary vibe, a teardrop, triangular or abstract shape adds a really unusual look!


Opal Cufflinks

Opal cufflinksWhy not pair this season’s key trend, the cuff, with your birthstone? You’ll find a variety of opal cufflinks available, from hammered styles with one opal to interwoven designs studded with smaller stones, and the blue-green of opals is the perfect match for this winter’s neutral knitwear


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