Highly professional Jewellery valuation service

Highly professional jewellery valuation service, both on-the-spot and online. Prestige Valuations provide jewellery and fine art valuation service for high net worth clients. Our head office is located in Hatton Garden, London, the very heart of the UK jewellery trade. We also have offices in Birmingham and Manchester city centres. Here at Prestige Valuations, we provide many types of valuation including the more specialist areas such as fine art, antiques and collectables – but let’s talk just now about jewellery and watches.


Cherished jewellery possessions


Jewellery and watches are cherished possessions for many of us, whether a valuable purchase or family heirloom. We hope no harm ever should ever come to your treasured items, but in the unfortunate event of a claim for loss, theft or damage it is important to ensure you are fully protected. In today’s climate, the valuation of jewellery and gold has risen considerably. The potential impact of this increase in value is often overlooked by owners and can mean a considerable financial shock if a claim needs to be made when the item is lost, stolen or damaged.

Examine your jewellery

At Prestige Valuations, we will arrange a jewellery valuation for you. Our experts will examine your jewellery and provide a written valuation for insurance, which describes in detail your items of jewellery. Digital photographs will be taken, distinguishing features will be noted and full description and details will be written for each item. This makes it much easier to identify your jewellery if it is ever lost or stolen. It is important to note that if a client has an existing full valuation document on an item of jewellery, we do not see the need to reappraise the item, but only to match the item to the document and then upgrade accordingly. This reduces time and costs quite considerably. Many jewellers charge a percentage of the overall value of your jewellery and often retain your items for sometimes up to a month, however, we charge a simple fixed fee so you’ll know how much the service costs before you agree to it. A one-off fee of £40 is paid to assess each piece online, £50 for an on-the-spot-valuation at our offices and £150 for our premium home visit service per hour.


Reliable and accurate valuation

All our expert valuers have passed the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) Diamond Grading Course, to ensure you get a reliable and accurate valuation, provided by the UK’s most experienced valuers. They spend all their time reviewing retail prices and carrying out valuations on a regular basis and can, therefore, provide you with an unbiased and accurate valuation. All our valuations are accepted by Chubb, Hiscox, Oak and other leading HNW insurers. We are also instructed by a number of leading international insurance brokers.

Private and confidential

Our relationship with our clients is strictly private and confidential – we only ever release information on values to insurance companies and brokers with permission from our client. For full details of our service see the Prestige Valuations website at


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