Insuring Jewellery: An In-Depth Guide

Insuring your precious jewellery and valuable possessions is essential in safeguarding their financial worth and protecting your investment. This comprehensive guide will discuss the best practices for insuring jewellery, including key factors to consider; we also will be introducing some prominent insurance providers in London, particularly in Hatton Garden, London’s renowned jewellery quarter. By following these best practices, you can ensure your special and valuable items are thoroughly protected and suitably covered.

Grasp the true value of your jewellery:

Embarking on the quest for the ideal insurance policy necessitates an accurate assessment of your jewellery’s value. Procure a professional valuation from a distinguished appraiser to ascertain the current market value of your items. Timely valuations prevent both under and over-insuring your precious jewellery.

Select the appropriate insurance policy:

Two primary policy types cater to jewellery insurance: standalone jewellery insurance and riders for your existing home insurance policy. Standalone policies cater exclusively to jewellery and valuables, whereas riders augment your home insurance to accommodate high-value items. Weigh the pros and cons of each alternative, and select the one that aligns with your requirements.

Opt for all-encompassing coverage:

Ascertain that your chosen policy offers comprehensive coverage, encompassing theft, loss, accidental damage, and travel-related damage. Additionally, the policy should cover repair, replacement, or reimbursement costs for your items. Be mindful of any exclusions or limitations, such as cosmetic damage or wear and tear, and opt for the most complete protection.

Evaluate policy deductibles:

A deductible denotes the sum you’ll be accountable for before your insurance intervenes. Policies with lower deductibles typically entail higher premiums, while those with high deductibles may offer reduced premiums. Contemplate the deductible amount, striking a balance between affordability and suitable coverage.

Maintain meticulous records:

Preserve a detailed inventory of your jewellery, including photographs, purchase receipts, and valuation certificates. Safely store these records in secure cloud storage or a safe deposit box. Detailed records expedite the claims process and substantiate your claim.

Update your valuations regularly:

As market values oscillate, it’s vital to acquire updated valuations for your jewellery every two to three years. This practice ensures the adequacy of your coverage and reflects your items’ current value. Inform your insurer of any value fluctuations to maintain appropriate coverage.

Safeguard your jewellery:

Implement precautionary measures to secure your jewellery, such as investing in a home safe or renting a safe deposit box. Demonstrating your commitment to protecting your valuables may prompt insurers to offer lower premiums.

Conduct annual policy reviews:

Periodically review your insurance policy to ascertain its continued relevance to your needs. This practice is particularly crucial when adding new items to your collection or when the value of your jewellery undergoes significant alterations.

Notable Jewellery Insurance Providers in Hatton Garden:

Hatton Garden, London’s illustrious jewellery quarter, boasts a plethora of esteemed insurance providers specialising in jewellery and valuables coverage. Here are some unique options:


Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Assetsure offers standalone jewellery insurance policies that deliver comprehensive coverage for your valuables. Their policies encompass theft, accidental damage, loss, and global protection.

TH March:

Renowned as a specialist jewellery insurance broker, TH March boasts a long-standing industry reputation. They provide standalone policies for jewellery and valuables, alongside the option to add a rider to your existing home insurance policy. Their coverage includes theft, accidental damage, loss, and worldwide protection.


Hiscox, a well-established insurer, offers comprehensive coverage for high-value items, including jewellery. Leveraging its expertise in insuring valuables, Hiscox can tailor policies to accommodate your unique needs. Their policies include theft, accidental damage, loss, and worldwide protection.

Lark Insurance:

Lark Insurance, a reputable insurance broker, specialises in jewellery and valuable item coverage. They present a variety of policies, such as standalone jewellery insurance and riders for your existing home insurance policy. Lark Insurance’s policies offer theft, accidental damage, loss, and worldwide protection, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your valuables.


JewelCover, a specialist jewellery insurance provider, is known for its extensive coverage and competitive rates. They furnish standalone policies that safeguard your valuables against theft, accidental damage, loss, and worldwide coverage. With a keen focus on customer service, JewelCover guarantees a seamless and efficient claims process.


Insuring your jewellery and valuable possessions is an indispensable aspect of protecting your investment and achieving peace of mind. By adhering to the best practices delineated in this in-depth guide, you can effectively secure your cherished items and procure the right coverage that fulfils your needs. Remember to meticulously evaluate your options, comprehend your policy’s coverage and limitations, and select a reputable insurance provider, such as those situated in Hatton Garden. In doing so, you can confidently rest assured that your precious jewellery and valuables are thoroughly protected, enabling you to relish their beauty and sentimental value without concern.