The Future of Hatton Garden

Walking through Hatton Garden and the surrounding streets it’s impossible not to feel the weight of history on your shoulders. Like other centres of industry in London, the significance of the area has been built on centuries of trade and tradition. Hatton Garden is not just geographically London’s jewellery quarter, but a symbol for quality and trust.

However, there’s no doubt that the present and future of the jewellery trade has been and will be revolutionized by digital commerce. Nearly every Hatton Garden retailer now has some online presence to complement their trade at the heart of London’s diamond business. Some offer information on how their services work, others go further, allowing online purchases or valuations.


This creates competition, but also opportunity. Across the UK and the world, new services such as Borro have grown to fill a need for alternatives. Borro offer personal asset loans against high-value items such as diamonds and consequently play an important role in the evolution of the jewellery trade.

Importantly what Borro demonstrate is that online services are not just about speed or convenience, but about quality customer service and relationships built on trust. As such the reputation of Hatton Garden is as important as ever as consumers try to navigate their way through a diversifying array of options.

It is no coincidence that Borro’s headquarters are on Chancery Lane, just the other side of High Holborn. Hatton Garden remains a beacon and a brand that stands for and attracts excellence.


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