Engagement ring trends

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with choosing a classic princess-cut diamond solitaire, sometimes you want to be a little cooler when it comes to picking the perfect engagement ring. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the top trend predictions for choosing that special ring.

Emerald-cut diamonds

Still a classically beautiful choice, emerald-cut stones often look bigger than other cuts of a similar carat, which is one great reason to opt for this cut! It also adds a vintage look to even the most contemporary ring, and vintage is still on-trend for spring 2014.


Cushion-cut diamonds

This style of diamond cut gives an antique feel, and the large facets of the stone catch the light beautifully, which could explain why this cut was at its most popular during an era when candlelight, not electricity was used.


Pear-cut diamonds

Pear-cut diamonds are increasing in popularity, as the shape makes smaller carat weights appear more sizeable, and the unusual, vintage styling is appealing to those looking for something a little different.


Double halo

This was a huge trend throughout 2013 and will still be big news in 2014. Using a two-tiered halo setting with contrasting coloured stones around the diamond can make the central stone appear much larger.