Jewellery Superstitions

There are superstitions in the world related to almost everything – ladders, black cats, rainbows, mirrors – so of course there are also plenty of superstitions about the wearing and owning of jewellery. Whether you’re a superstitious soul or something of a cynic, these old wives tales are still worth a read…

Don’t wear pearls on your wedding day

Pearls are often said to be symbolic of tears, and so if they are incorporated into bridal jewellery, they are said to represent all of the future tears that the bride will cry in her unhappy marriage. Diamonds are said to be a safer option, but not if you believe this next superstition…

Don’t wear a birthstone that isn’t yours

Wearing a birthstone that doesn’t belong to your birth month has long been thought to bring on bad luck. Seeing as diamond (April’s birthstone) is one of the most popular gems and worn by almost everyone at some point, it seems that modern society doesn’t believe in this myth. However, if you’re a big believer and want to know what your birthstone is, check out Parts 1 and 2 of the Hatton Garden guide to birthstones and ensure that you don’t bring on bad luck accidentally!

Don’t wear any other ring on your wedding ring finger

According to legend, if you wear a band that isn’t an engagement or wedding ring on your fourth finger on your left hand, you won’t ever be asked to marry. This is another superstition that most people choose to ignore nowadays, but if you’re a cautious bride you may want to adhere to the rule!

Wearing silver earrings protects you from evil

Silver is known to have protective and healing powers, and many people believe that wearing silver earrings keeps bad spirits out of your body by preventing them from entering the orifice. Whilst no superstition can truly be proven, it can’t hurt to invest in a pair of silver studs…


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