The London School of Attraction in Hatton Garden London

Are you working on your charm offensive in time for Valentine’s Day? If so, Hatton Garden may be the place to head! The London School of Attraction opened at 88-90 Hatton Garden in 2010 and is still going strong three years later.

The school was set up by co-directors Doug and Alex and is designed to help both men and women improve their confidence with the opposite sex. The tutors are able to offer advice on everything from online dating to make the first move, and their success rate, a figure calculated on customer feedback, is an impressive 70%.

The London School of Attraction also offers more specialised programmes, like their Course for Companies, which translates the skills of attraction into the business world to help improve rapport, lead generation and sales. Whilst the tools learned at the school are primarily targeted at romance, the confidence and conversation skills that they foster can be transferred to build positive relationships in all other aspects of everyday life.

So if you’re ready for love but need a helping hand to find it, why not hop on a tube to Hatton Garden and pay the London School of Attraction a visit?