Londoners Prefer Luxury Shopping in Person

A recent survey by the Luxury exhibition run by International Jewellery London (IJL) has revealed that 75% of shoppers in the capital prefer shopping in stores for luxury items such as watches and jewellery, rather than online.

High street shopping

The survey revealed that only 15% of people had bought luxury goods online, with 83% of those surveyed purchasing luxury goods for themselves rather than as a gift for someone else. This is encouraging news for jewellery boutiques and fine jewellery brands in the UK.

Luxury not celebrity

Sam Willoughby, event director at IJL commented, “It’s excellent to see that traditional jewellery stores are holding their own in the luxury retail sector.” It also seems that those shopping for luxury goods pay little attention to celebrity endorsement, with 72% of people claiming this was irrelevant to their decision making.

Classic elegance

Jewellery Shopping18% of people choose well-known luxury brands, whilst over one-third of respondents cited design, quality and wearability as key factors when choosing luxury jewellery or watches. It seems that this year, almost 30% of people would like to receive a ring for Christmas, with earrings a close second and bracelets earning third place. Almost 50% of people surveyed listed jewellery or a watch as their most treasured luxury item.


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