The History of Signet Rings

Signet rings are ornamental rings, usually worn by men, engraved with a unique design or seal. Each ring is instilled with the heritage of the wearer and those who wore the piece before them. Signet rings are now common across many cultures, but they originated in Ancient Egypt; they were used instead of the modern written signature.

As time went on, signet rings formed a strong association with English heritage, used to seal important warrants and documents by leaders of the time. Over time, they became widely used. By the 17th century, they were popular across Europe, both as an outward sign of distinction and an instrument to seal less formal documents, such as letters, with a personal touch.

Nowadays, signet rings are not often used as seals but as personal statements, often engraved with a family crest, initials, or personally significant symbols. Classic signet rings are crafted from traditional yellow gold, but they can also be studded with gemstones or crafted from alternative precious metals thanks to contemporary jewellery developments.

The popularity of signet rings has fluctuated throughout the twentieth century. They were seen as an ornament worn by few people other than royalty and the elite for a while. Today, however, they are experiencing a renaissance. They are worn by both men and women from all walks of life for various reasons, and ordering a signet ring is becoming more fashionable. They are fantastic presents for 18th and 21st birthdays and also graduations.

Where to buy a signet ring?

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Signet rings come in a variety of designs, metals, and diamonds, as well as endless engraving and customization possibilities, so you can design or design a bespoke band of your own. 


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