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How to Match Jewellery to the Occasion

Jewellery is not only about beauty. Just like clothes, etiquette, or expensive alcohol, it is a whole culture with its particularities. If you are brave enough (and this indeed requires bravery) to wear jewellery on special occasions, you should know how. There are special rules for each occasion, and following them is a must to make the right impression.

Understanding Occasion-Based Jewelry

Sure, not all jewels are occasion-based. You can wear your Pandora bracelet each day and everywhere without getting shamed. Also, non-precious stones are acceptable during the day. But there are special occasions and events where the right jewellery is a part of the dress code:

  • It shows the importance of the event
  • It makes statements about a person who wears it
  • It helps to set non-verbal communication and set the mood
  • It answers the cultural norms of the region

Sounds a little scary, but you are here to sort things out. There are several occasion types to consider.

Casino Evening or A Night Out

Casinos are places where some jewellery is always acceptable. It is a historical thing – a few decades ago, they were noble-only locations, and the dress code was extremely strict. Currently, times change. The popularity of low-deposit online casinos featured at MinDepositCasino.com continues to rise as they offer accessible and convenient gaming experiences allowing players to enjoy their favorite games from the comfort of their homes. Even pyjamas will suit.

However, a land-based casino requires a little formality. It doesn’t mean wearing an expensive dress and diamonds. Usually, the dress code in a casino works the same as a cocktail party – men wear suits or trousers with shirts. Meanwhile, ladies can wear dresses and a little jewellery.

It may be a little necklace with 1-2 diamonds, rings, or earrings – both large and minimalistic ones shall suit. But take note! Some land-based casinos will forbid wearing rings, especially with mirror surfaces. Such things can be used for cheating and seeing other players’ cards.

Casual Gatherings

There, the choice of jewellery fully depends on the company’s decision. Before the event, you can discuss what to wear and how to glam up yourself. It can be a modest gathering, where a small necklace is enough or a party.

The final choice always depends on the event holders. Most likely, you’ll be given a dress code. If not, just follow the common sense. Don’t wear expensive pieces and statement necklaces together with jeans. Also, consider the time of the day. In the evening, more jewels are accepted. Meanwhile, brunches and coffee gatherings don’t require jewels at all.

Formal Occasions

There are several types of formal dress codes. Popular back then, they are unfamiliar to most people nowadays. Use it to your advantage – the name of the dress code will directly signal you about what jewellery to wear:

  1. White Tie. Women wear floor-length gowns, and men should wear a tailcoat and a white shirt. The accepted jewellery with a white tie dress code is diamonds, pearls, and any expensive metal. As for style, all jewellery must be elegant and traditional.
  2. Black Tie. A little more casual, but still an official dress code. Wear statement or elegant necklaces with diamonds. Men should choose tie pins and cuff links.
  3. Formal. Just formal, with no overdressing, yet classy. Almost all jewellery made of gold or silver is acceptable. Diamonds and other gems will also go.

All these events have one thing in common – they require classical and traditional styles.

Workplace and Professional Settings

Jewels in a workplace are bad manners – that’s the rule. What remains? Small chains with delicate pendants. Tiny rings and earrings. Bracelets with a minimum of decorations.

Watches are appropriate in almost every workspace. They are considered an attribute of a worker and suit almost all business occasions. So, if you lack creativity in your workspace, be sure—even Rolex will be appropriate.

The Significance of Jewellery in Complementing Various Outfits

Before you get stressed out, there are some tricks to match the jewels better. Use clothes as a signal of what accessory to wear – and as for clothes, you can directly ask the event holder what to wear. Genius, isn’t it?

  • Consider the fabrics. Tight fabrics seem more massive, so you wear larger jewellery with it. Meanwhile, lace and silk look better with tender accessories.
  • Match colours. Of course, it doesn’t mean wearing rubies with red and emeralds with green. But if your outfit is already colourful, you’d wear plain gold or transparent diamonds.
  • Analyse your neckline. Wear V-necklines with V-shaped necklaces. The choker will suit a low neckline. In general, it is all about contrasts.

Finally, see the examples of other guests and attendants. Search Pinterest to find which jewellery is suitable for your outfit. The final secret is “not overdo”. Wearing a modest piece is always better than overdressing. Yes, even if you want to show your new ring so bad.

Final Insight

Have you heard of Madeleine Albright? This lady was an American politician and made accessories for her weapon. She wore brooches with special meanings and symbols – for example, to express negativity or inspire people. Treat your jewellery the same way. It is not only an accessory but a way to express the mood, build connections, and follow the dress code.

The right jewel shows your respect to the event holder. Fashion trends in luxury entertainment establishments are often complemented by exquisite jewellery, creating a glamorous ambience. At the same time, too cheap or too expensive accessories can tell about a lack of taste or even seem aggressive. Be attentive and match the occasion with your taste and statement!


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