Popular Jewellery Trends Outside the UK

Today, the world of gambling is highly developed. You can play not only at classic land-based venues but also enjoy your time without even moving a step just by accessing UK-regulated gambling sites or casinos without a UKGC licence. However, physical casinos remain at a different level. They represent a unique entertainment world for most avid gamblers with their highbrow, monied and nostalgic atmosphere. And people who plan to visit high-end casino resorts, as a rule, pay great attention to their attire and jewellery as well. Especially jewellery, as it can serve as a sign of wealth and status in high-stake gambling establishments across the world.

Rich and influential guests use their pricey and customised jewellery pieces to demonstrate their success in the casino world which does not relate only to the United Kingdom. In addition, through jewellery, many gamblers from casino sites listed on NonGamStopBetting get a chance to express themselves and show the unique side of their gambling personality. From statement cocktail rings to classic diamond bracelets, the jewellery worn by people can reveal a lot about their taste and their status in society.

Different Countries, Different Jewellery Trends

There are a lot of universally loved accessories that you can spot on many casino visitors. However, there are also jewellery pieces and variations that are common to particular regions and countries. Some jewellery pieces are shaped by culture and represent beliefs, serving as a way to pay homage to history or adhere to social norms.

So, in some ways, these classic pieces of jewellery can be considered more valuable than regular gold and diamond accessories. Below, let’s look at the main jewellery trends popular among casino patrons in various countries.


Indian jewellery is known to be very ornate. Indians love to use various precious and semi-precious stones in their gold and silver creations. The style of these jewellery pieces is very distinctive, varying from bold to simpler designs. The best example of Indian Jewellery you can expect to see at local gambling venues like Deltin Royale Casino and Casino Mahjong is their unique anklets with dangling stones and elaborate patterns.


Jade is probably the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Chinese jewellery. For more than 7,000 years, this glossy green stone has been inherently related to Chinese culture and is typically used to create family heirlooms. Chinese artisans carve and shape jade to craft all kinds of jewellery, like jade pendants, rings, and beaded bracelets.

One thing to note is that in Chinese culture, jade symbolises the balance of yin and yang and represents good fortune. In ancient times, this stone was viewed as a royal gem, so you could see jade suits on the most powerful and influential people in society.

Considering the meaning behind this stone, jade jewellery could also often be seen on casino players who believed it would bring them luck and fortune. Even today, in famous land-based casinos, such as The Venetian Macao and Babylon Casino in Macau, you can come across many local players with jade pendants or jewellery.


If we look at the jewellery trends in Java and Bali, we can see that Indonesian artisans are famous for silver. They have a rich silversmithing history and are known especially for their granulation method of detailed silver designs, as well as their unique filigree technique.

Their craftsmanship can be seen through their one-of-a-kind brooches and beautiful necklaces. So, if you plan to visit Villa Kemuning Ubud in Bali or Pelabuhan Ratu Beach in Java, consider wearing Indonesian jewellery pieces to add to the national atmosphere.

The Superstitions Behind Jewellery In Casinos

Apart from the visual appeal of jewellery, what attracts many people, especially players, to some accessories are specific beliefs and superstitions. For example, a piece of jewellery like a ring, bracelet or watch can become entertainment or carry a sentimental value for some individuals, symbolising protection, luck, or positive energy.

While no exact facts or scientific evidence proves that jewellery or any other item can bring fortune, a great part of people still believe that certain gemstones have symbolic power. And they follow these superstitions when playing casino games as well. Some pieces of jewellery that are widely believed to possess lucky qualities include birthstones (pearls, garnet, etc.), talismans (crosses or hamsas, evil eye pendants, etc.), heirloom or antique jewellery, and personalised accessories with name initials or specific dates.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, jewellery in high-end casinos transcends mere adornment. According to the psychology of jewellery, it reflects cultural heritage, personal beliefs, and even a desire for luck. So, next time you visit a casino, take a moment to appreciate the stories each piece whispers, from the dazzling diamonds of a confident winner to the jade pendant symbolizing a hopeful player’s wish for fortune.