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Modern Evil Eye Jewellery Is Making a Comeback

The belief in the power of the evil eye has persisted throughout history, transcending cultures and civilisations. From ancient Mesopotamia to modern times, the concept of protecting oneself against malevolent influences has endured. This article explores the rich history of the evil eye, its cultural significance, and its contemporary resurgence in fashion. By understanding its origins and benefits, we gain insight into why the evil eye continues to captivate our fascination and find its place in our lives.

The History of the Evil Eye

Throughout history, the belief in the power of the evil eye has persisted across various cultures and civilisations. From the ancient Mesopotamians who crafted amulets with incised eyes to the Egyptians who sought protection from the Eye of Osiris, the concept of malevolent influences emanating from envious or angry individuals has endured.

In Islamic teachings, verses from the Quran serve to reinforce the belief, while the Old Testament of the Bible also references the evil eye as a cautionary symbol. Glass beads adorned with the evil eye motif gained popularity among the Phoenicians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, and Ottomans, with blue often being associated with its protective qualities. The evil eye found its place in Celtic and Polish folklore, embodying a universal fear and fascination with its perceived deadly effects.

The Benefits of the Evil Eye Jewellery

The tradition of wearing evil eye symbols, whether as jewellery adorning our necks, wrists, or ears, transcends mere belief and extends into the realm of contemporary fashion. Whether we personally believe in their protective powers or not, modern designs allow us to wear this symbol without giving much thought to its benefits. However, the allure of evil eye designs lies not only in their cultural significance but also in their ability to seamlessly integrate into our modern lives, empowering us with a sense of protection and style.

The first among these advantages is the notion of protection, in which the charm acts as a shield against the negative intentions of others. By wearing this symbolic eye, one believes that it serves as a powerful deterrent, keeping away those who harbour ill feelings or intentions.

Additionally, the evil eye is associated with attracting good luck, making it a popular choice for important occasions such as journeys, exams, or interviews. It is believed that wearing the charm can bring about favourable outcomes and fortuitous circumstances.

Furthermore, the presence of the evil eye exudes positivity, as it acts as a repellent for hostile forces. Individuals can maintain a sense of optimism and emotional well-being by creating a barrier that prevents negativity from infiltrating one’s being. In some beliefs, the evil eye is also associated with promoting good health and vitality.

The Evil Eye in Fashion Today

In the realm of popular fashion, the evil eye symbol has experienced a remarkable resurgence, captivating the attention of celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. Jewellery, with its main components of gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, and other precious gemstones, has always held a position of utmost significance in terms of status, value, and beauty. Even in unexpected realms like casinos, the concept of jewellery and its association with opulence and allure find expression in various forms. Games such as Gold Bar Roulette and Live casino games inspired by dazzling jewels reflect society’s fascination with the exquisite and reinforce the enduring allure of jewellery as an integral part of our desires and aspirations.

Therefore, iconic figures such as Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian have embraced evil eye jewellery as a fashionable means of shielding themselves from negative energy. Kim Kardashian’s choice of multiple Nazar Boncugu-inspired bracelets exemplifies the enduring appeal of this protective symbol. Similarly, Gigi Hadid and her partner Zayn Malik have been spotted donning matching evil eye bracelets, emphasising their shared desire to safeguard their lives from public scrutiny. The widespread adoption of the evil eye in popular fashion attests to its enduring allure, as individuals seek both style and a sense of spiritual protection in their self-expression.


The evil eye has proven to be more than mere superstition or ancient belief; it has become a symbol that resonates with individuals in various ways. Whether worn for its perceived protective qualities, as a fashion statement, or as a connection to higher powers, the evil eye remains a potent emblem of safeguarding energy. Its enduring presence in popular fashion, embraced by celebrities and enthusiasts alike, underscores its enduring allure and cultural significance. As we continue to seek protection, positivity, and a sense of style, the evil eye remains a timeless symbol that empowers us in our journey through life.


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