Platinum and Palladium prices skyrocket high

Platinum and palladium are precious metals used in the jewellery industry in Hatton Garden. Still, those precious metals also are used in car engine exhausts to minimise pollution and to produce components for mobile phones and computers.

Several years of undersupply have driven palladium prices to record highs of more than £2270 an ounce this year, while surpluses have held platinum prices at multi-year lows.

The new import tariffs proposed by the UK 

In reaction to the invasion of Ukraine, the United Kingdom has announced a new set of penalties against Russia and Belarus, which would target £1.7 billion in trade.

In a statement, the Department for International Trade said that additional import duties would be imposed on several commodities, including platinum and palladium, both of which Russia is a leading producer, by 35 percentage points.

Palladium vs Platinum Rings

Both palladium and platinum are exceptionally durable precious metals. When compared to a gold wedding band, either a palladium or a platinum ring will provide much more durability.

Palladium is somewhat harder than platinum. Also, a palladium wedding band will be slightly more scratch-resistant than a platinum ring. But, platinum is stronger than palladium in terms of raw strength, and it resists corrosion and rust better. So, the differences are modest.

Both materials are tough and long-lasting. Any wedding ring will become scratched over time, so keep that in mind. When damaged, both palladium and platinum create a lovely patina, making them wonderful choices if you value endurance and beauty.

Which of these precious metals is the heaviest?

Platinum is a considerably denser metal than palladium. As a result, a platinum wedding band will often weigh almost twice as much as a palladium ring of the same size.

While some individuals love the weight and presence of a platinum wedding ring, others prefer the palladium band’s lighter weight.

Which is less prone to cause allergic reactions?

Both palladium and platinum are hypoallergenic metals, which means they are unlikely to cause metal allergies.

For example, other metals used in gold and other metal alloys may provoke metal allergies. If you have sensitive skin, search for palladium and platinum rings that are nickel-free, since nickel is one of the most frequent metal allergy triggers.

Platinum Price per OuncePalladium Price Ounce
Current Price £783.56Current Price £1,705.23
Month High £806.50Month High £1,965.00
Month Low £719.46Month Low £1,633.00
Month Change £+39.29 (+5.28%)Month Change £-165.77 (-8.86%)

Conclusion of which of these two precious metals is better

Like varying purity levels of gold, palladium and platinum do not have a “best” option for every case.

Both palladium and platinum have distinct benefits. However, palladium rings would likely appeal to you more than platinum rings if you’re seeking a wedding band that is lightweight, robust, and economical.

Platinum is likely preferred if you have a larger budget and want something heavier and more luxurious.

Both metals are attractive and would look wonderful as a wedding ring. Whether it’s a light palladium ring or a heavier platinum wedding band, the ideal pick is the one that looks and feels best on your finger.

Right now is a great opportunity to buy these precious metals as the value is expected to rise.



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