Processing diamonds

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You can find the most extensive range of dazzling diamonds from diamond retailers in the diamond quarter of London at Hatton Garden. But have you ever wondered what diamonds look like when they are first extracted from the mine. Those that see the diamonds say that they can look like dirty, ugly, worthless pieces of glass. Indeed, people with an untrained eye would be tempted to throw them away. Only if they were judging them on physical appearance alone.

Less than half of all the diamonds mined in the world each year are gem quality diamonds. The remainder fall into two other main categories known as near-gem quality and industrial quality diamonds. What you see in jewellery are gem quality diamonds which display a high standard of excellence in gem quality. The clarity of gem quality diamonds range from flawless to visible inclusions.

Diamonds are recovered by way of pipe or alluvial mining. Pipe mining involves the extraction of diamonds from volcanic pipes. Typically, a very large area has to be covered. The process of alluvial mining entails the extraction of diamonds from riverbeds or ocean beaches.

So how does a dazzling 15-carat diamond appear on the display stands. A diamond expert sends the dirty rock to the diamond processing plant. Eventually a piece so brilliant that it can blind a person with its stunning light is produced. The diamond processing plant cuts away the layers that covered over the beauty and exposes the gorgeous gems that had been concealed.

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